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  1. Seat leon fr 150 tdi

    a friend had one nice cars i like them pritty nippy as well with the torque they put out he worte his off bout 3 month after having it is fault though not the cars. and other friend had the leon cupra diesel never went in that but he had it taken over 200bhp buy jabba motorsport it used to fly till he got a 2year ban init from speeding:ffs: iv got a golf GTTDI 130bhp had it for 2 year still love driving it wanting it remapped now though to as much bhp as i can safely. i love them to be honest but you can get one cheaper than 12000 pound id say and there alot of choice of cars now for £12000
  2. washing my car myself were to start

    thanks for the advice. do you guys ever use TFR on your cars or does it bugger the paint work up or do you just use the jest wash then shampoo it.
  3. right i normally take muy car to the foreigners for a wash for 5 to 6 quid ago but i want to do it myself i wanna bring some life back to the paint work its a black golf and it has its fair share of stone ships what products would i need to start? a good shampoo, a good polish, some good sponges and leathers to dry it can anyone point me in the right direction thanks some TFR or summat even thought bout having it resprayed! looked on the meguiars website and well i dont know were to start.
  4. needs some fun jap car i think

    i thought it was 21 mate ill have to check and i used to be insured with quinn direct ill shop about then and garcon what engine is the nissan 200sx
  5. well after alot of thought i want a jap car iv got a golf tdi at the minute and im keeping that as a day to day car but i want something for the weekend and that i can do trackdays with nothing too pricey and im 21 in bout 3 month so think im gonna insure it fully comp on my dads and drive it 3rd party on mine. only thing is what do i go for? and im tempted for something i can play about with the engine. iv been thinking about a civic type R not the new shape i dont like them something round an early 2000 to and 03 in which case ill have to save a bit more money or been thinking bouit a nissan pulsar or something rear wheel drive. skylines and such are out of my leauge with insurance and stuff and i dont wanna jump in the deep end. so type r nissan pulsar or something rear wheel can anyone advise me please ?
  6. V-Power Diesel

    is there any additives you can add to your fuel and were do you get them from? is it worth it?
  7. Thinking of a KO4 turbo upgrade for my diesel

    might have to take you up on that mate ill try persuade my friend to get his cupra done and see what it like for future reference;) hell have to change his forge dumpvalve though haha!
  8. Thinking of a KO4 turbo upgrade for my diesel

    remap it is then to keep me happy i was thinking bout getting another car a few days ago well iam gonna don but thats another 12months away yet was thinking something like the leon cupra or civictype R i love them when they hit the 6000revs lol. but yeah who good for remaps few friends have used jabba and they are more than happy so think ill go for them
  9. Thinking of a KO4 turbo upgrade for my diesel

    its on the jabbamotorsport website the stage 2 rollingroad ramap takes it to about 180 to 194 bhp but thinking bout it wonder if thats with a new clutch :confused: wonder what other parts youd need!. is there anyone thats put a hybrid turbo on the vw golf? and could anyone recommend were i could source one from? im not as clued up as some people on here but iv got an idea. i still love driving the car and iv heard some people say there savage with a remap and other stuff but i just wanna do go one step further 30 or 40bhp ill soon get bored lol!
  10. Thinking of a KO4 turbo upgrade for my diesel

    if i get it remapped i can get nearly 200bhp. but if prefer the hybrid turbo how much would the parts cost me and fitting the cars got just over 80,000 on it.
  11. hey as the title say im thinking of a KO4 turbo upgrade for my 1.9GT TDI 130BHP golf i got one offerd to me when i went and bought a leather interior for my brothers leon and what the man was telling me well i was tempterd has anyone done this before? and what should i look for? i understand theres alot of diffrent models so ill find out which one it is?
  12. Audi A4 TDi Differences

    hi im new here so hi to all can i ask were you are looking at getting your PD engines remmpped iv got a 130hp PD engine in my golf and i can get that taken to nearly 200hp