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  1. Audi Warranty

    Hello All, My S3 is having its first MOT this week and I am having as many niggles sorted under the warranty before it expires. The cost of extending the warranty for a year was much more than I was expecting and I was wondering if people had found a cheaper alternative warranty provider that they could recommend. I don't normally worry too much about warranties but in its first 3 years my S3 has had a few things fail (Xennon headlamp, anti roll bar) which have often been quite expensive. Appreciate your Comments.......
  2. Bl00dy alloys

    I have an early Chimaera 4.3 with little alloys and baloon like tyres. It is coming on holiday with us to Southern Ireland on Saturday. On our return it will be in the classifieds I am sorry to say. Oh for a tuscan
  3. Bl00dy alloys

    [ QUOTE ] yep. OEM RSTT's are approx £475 inc vat and centre cap each. [/ QUOTE ] Strewth. I wasn't considering replacing at this stage, was just wondering what the worst case scenario was. I'm glad we aren't the only numpties out there. my TVR has high profile tyres and I think it is almost impossible to kerb the wheels.
  4. Bl00dy alloys

    First time I drive my new S3 i very gently grazed the alloy - made a huge mess. First time girlfriend drives the new S3 she gently grazes the other front wheel - made a huge mess. Obviously we need to be more carefull, but on the basis that this is goig to happen every so often how much for a new set of 18" 9 spokes? What are they made of anyway, you'd think it was butter the way they cut! Also when i bought the car it was advertised as having a symphony 2, but it holds 6 discs so I guess that means its a symphony 6? which is nice
  5. I bought me a t350

    They are wonderful cars. You will fall in love with the power very quickly, that wait for delivery will be hellish though. Enjoy - and at the risk of sounding patronising please take it easy for a while.
  6. Audi customer care programme

    Cheers guys, that info helps a lot.
  7. Audi customer care programme

    Hi, I have just bought a 2003 S3 and am being offered the Audi Customer care programme. This basically includes a leather protection treatment and bodywork (anti stone chip?) protection, plus a load of other guff. But the main attraction is Guaranteed asset protection. Essentially this means that if the car is written off and my insurer pays me market value - this programme will pay the difference between market value and what I actually paid for the car. Does anyone have any experience of this programme. The cost is about 700 pounds and the cover would last 3 years. Its a lot of money but I suppose it can save me thousands if the car is stolen in 2 or 3 years time.