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  1. Passat floor mats

    Hi All , Need some help in locating genuine vw floor mats for my 55 plate passat , would rather not go the the stealers for em cost a bomb . Mucker:roflmao:
  2. smoking

    hi again chaps well after a thorough examination of air hoses and connections me thinks im gonna have 2 go 2 the stealers OUCH !!!!
  3. smoking

    thanks 4 this chaps def not down on power but will check out air hoses and connections and get back 2 u again thanks
  4. smoking

    totally agree with u but having owned 2 passat diesels in the past it seems rather excessive to me if i were to describe it ( a bit like a smoke screen comes to mind )
  5. smoking

    thanks for replying yes it only see it at night not aware of any chipping on car , is their any chance it could be a filter ???
  6. smoking

    my vw passat 1.9tdi 130 bhp smokes heavy when accelerating off even if not booting it ,when ticking over it fine has anyone got any ideas what this could be ive had the injector s , exhaust and cat cleaned but too no avail . car done 40k and serviced up to date Can you help please .
  7. vw passat advice

    nice 1 will do !!!
  8. vw passat advice

    can u help ???? bought a vw passat 53 plate tdi 130 bhp se . question is on back of car their is 2 red letters as i pressumed , but under the bonnet they r all silver is this correct or shud they b the same (ie red di) ???