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  1. R

    Here are my personal R-details Weltpremiere VW SCIROCCO R MK3 Nürburgring 05/2009
  2. Scirocco Van

    Here the new Scirocco Van (DK) Volkswagen - Den nye Scirocco Van - Volkswagen for to - Scirocco Van -
  3. New Member

  4. Newbie TDi due March 1

    Did the TDI arrived? Please with pics.......................
  5. Fastest Scirocco to be badged R20T -due 2010

    Here the newest Magazin in germany about the Scirocco R Power Car
  6. Performance

    Thanks for linking........
  7. Ordered today.....

    Congratulation, when is the delivery????????
  8. Scirocco vs. Scirocco

    And here Iroc against Scirocco Vergleich VW SCIROCCO 3 gegen VW CONCEPT CAR IROC TEIL 4
  9. 1.4 TSi and TDi 140 Now Available to Order

    New link Scirocco Studios
  10. Scirocco vs. Scirocco

    Here are two links to look for Scirocco MK3...... versus MK1 versus MK2 Vergleich VW SCIROCCO 3 gegen VW SCIROCCO MK2 Vergleich VW SCIROCCO 3 gegen VW SCIROCCO MK2
  11. Scirocco VIN control

    Here an interesting link VIN Decoder for VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda/
  12. Few pics of the new car

    Nice car, thnak you for british pic. Please register Die Scirocco- und Corradokartei (also in english)
  13. New Scirocco Brochure

    Hi Dave, thanks for using my pice. This is the color FIRE SPARK!
  14. The new VW Scirocco....

    Here are my personal pic scirocco Volkswagen SCIROCCO 3 - DIE GESCHICHTE GEHT WEITER 2008 Teil 1
  15. Scirocco book from Delius Klasing

    There is a new Scirocco Book out now: Delius Klasing Verlag | Online Shop Scirocco: Fuths / Peitzmeier: Bücher