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  1. New ISP Recommendations

    Another vote for Be, ADSL2+ is the way forward
  2. Nokia E90

    Have a search here: If you want anymore info let me know
  3. Nokia E90

    I have had a quick play with one. Generally feeling from the die hard communicator users is that it is a disgrace!!!! Have you had a look at the Nokia forums?
  4. Which new mobile?

    A vote for the E51 I have a couple on trial from Vodafone and they are nice I have an E65 at the moment which is also good, although the E51 is faster
  5. The new VW Scirocco....

    If Evo are not talking B****** . . . When the Scirocco first arrives in the UK in September just one version will be offered: the 2.0 TSI, fitted with the 197bhp turbo 2-litre engine familiar from the Golf GTI. Competitively priced at £20,500, it will come with a six-speed manual transmission as standard, but a twin-clutch DSG ’box will be available as an option, costing around £1300 extra. Before the end of the year, 138bhp and 168bhp 1.4 TSI versions will join the range, priced at around £18,000 and £19,000 respectively. Full story here p.s. I want one
  6. Cannon EOS 350D camera any good?

    You sould be able to pick up a 400D for £340 ish. On ebay search for "canon outlet" this Canon's ebay shop selling refurbished goods - which genrally means the box was damaged, returned, etc.
  7. Brighton Meet 2nd June

    Cannot make this one will be enjoying a few beers and hopefully keeping my shirt at the Derby. Have a good one
  8. Dension Ice link

    [ QUOTE ] Afternoon all, Seems all I do on here is ask questions... Does anyone know if the E86 z4 has the same stereo as the E85. I'm trying to get a Dension Icelink for my coupe but no one is listing one for the later model. Thanks in advance. J. [/ QUOTE ] I would look towards the DICE unit, do you have the standard HiFi or an upgrade? Talk to if you need more information, Tom is a font of knowledge and highly recommended. John
  9. Should I buy a Z4!!

    Hi Matt [ QUOTE ] What is the road and wind noise like?? (roof closed) [/ QUOTE ] Faily quiet, considering the sort of car it is, upto about 100mph. [ QUOTE ] Do wind deflectors come as standard?? [/ QUOTE ] No [ QUOTE ] Is it a comfortable ride for longish journeys?? [/ QUOTE ] I find it excellent, trip to Le Mans last year and felt fresh as when we arrived. However as I rencently found the rise is improved by ditching the run flat tyres. John
  10. What would you buy? M3 CSL or Z4 M Coupe

    The Z4M for me - but biased I just love the look of the Z4 and the Coupe is a fabulous addition. No doubting the CSL is special - oh what a decision to make - done Z4M for me
  11. DEVIL'S DYKE: BO55VXR MOSE RITEY Sam_D jimmy_p GTiMK5 RedRobin Dan32 VXR_Daz (Monaro with "toys") V8 EOL (Monaro) rs32 fresco1 TwoSheds John32 (90% sure) JIMMY'S DISCO: jimmy_p GTiMK5 Ritey RS32 Dan32 (?)
  12. Colour Copier

    Will do
  13. Colour Copier

    To date we have purchased. We have been offered 0% on this one to try and close the deal so may go that route. Do you deal with Canon direct or a dealer?
  14. Colour Copier

    Bent over again Don't worry we make it back they still have not figured out how to charge for scanning so they don't and we scan a lot
  15. Colour Copier

    It 10x for us, 0.8p B/W and 8p Colour