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  1. The Stig

  2. Competetion

    <font color="green"> one thanked me for doing the rest of it Anyway: </font>
  3. AUDI RS4 - OFFICAL PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!

    <font color="green"> these are the only 'official' photos that matter... </font>
  4. DMS Automotive

    [ QUOTE ] ...was in fact made by Geoff Everett the brains behind AmD aho left AmD 2 years ago leaving no brains [/ QUOTE ] <font color="green"> but YOU were there, were you not, poochie-woo?? " " </font>
  5. R32 v 111S

    <font color="green">SMUDGE? Smudge knows nothing! Haven’t you seen his jumpers? </font>
  6. R32 v 111S

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Oi - stop that now - dont start PMing me as I dotn have a clue. [/ QUOTE ] May I suggest you PM Smudge or Lagoo. [/ QUOTE ] <font color="green"> What are you, Tyresmoke MD now? </font>