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  1. Venice....any inputs?

    Florence is very nice, but very much like every other large Italian city, lots of narrow streets lined with designer shops, separated by the occasional square and church/cathedral, generally quite expensive but not on the same level as Venice. Personally I really enjoyed Vienna, whereas I find Paris to be little more than a stinking dog shit lined crap hole full of ignorant ar$eholes! To each his own I guess.
  2. Inexpensive 40" smart tv?

    LG have announced (and shown) their 2017 range at CES, they are due for release imminently, might be some deals coming up soon.
  3. Inexpensive 40" smart tv?

    I can't recommend a particular model of TV, but I would suggest an LG using the latest version of WebOS you can get for the price, it's by far the simplest smart OS system to use in my experience, once you've downloaded all the relevant apps in to the quick launch bar for them it's very simple.
  4. Right pain in the arse having to upload a copy of your V5 and send as an attachment, but at least it's cheap! Think I'll get away without one this year as not venturing into any major French Cites, and travelling to the South via Spain, might just get one anyway if I can be bothered to dig out my scanner.
  5. Venice....any inputs?

    The oddly spaced steps didn't help either, every time you get a rhythm the spacing changes, really awkward and you have to look where you're putting your feet rather than at the view. I was in my twenties 10 years ago, just, I think that qualifies as young, certainly younger than you.
  6. Venice....any inputs?

    MrMe's comment about the glass roof boats reminded me of the glass bridge, completely irrelevant as it won't be winter and they've fixed it now, but I went to Venice in February something like 10 or so years ago, it was a bit cold and icy and the glass bridge was a death trap, I could see people slipping about on it but just thought they were being dramatic, I was young and full of bravado, did a sort of fast walk/jog type thing up the oddly spaced shallow steps with my small suitcase and promptly fell straight on my arse and knackered my coccyx, didn't do much sitting down after that for about a month.
  7. Venice....any inputs?

    It is indeed a false rumour. I've been a few times over the years, it used to be smelly, overpoweringly so, eye watering, make your retch smelly on a really warm day, but that was some 20 years ago, they have since installed a proper sewerage system and it solved the problem once and for all. Personally I think a whole week is a bit too long for Venice, but if you take things slowly and make a couple of trips as well I guess you could fill your time, the Italian Lakes aren't far away and stunningly beautiful.
  8. Post a pic of your car

    Just needs 'Private Ambulance' written on it for when you pull out of the morgue!
  9. This must sound fantastic!!!!

    Imagine what it would sound like with two of the V10's from the LFA, Lexus has missed a trick there!
  10. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    It'll be a faulty micro switch in the door latch, car doesn't know door is closed, quite a common VAG issue in that era.
  11. 2017 Fitness Thread

    As for nuts, they are very high in sins for slimming world, so personally I find I can't eat enough of them to feel satisfied so just don't bother.
  12. 2017 Fitness Thread

    For a savoury snack I like popcorn, never liked sweet popcorn, only salted, but you have to be careful if you buy it ready popped as some are popped in oil and the flavourings can be bad too. I have a silicone popcorn maker, just pour in the kernels, 2:20 in the microwave, then add salt to taste, delicious and zero slimming world sins. If you like Twiglets you're on to a winner as well, again zero sins according to slimming world, I've eaten buckets of them since starting the dietary change.
  13. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Myself and the mrs started Slimming World back in October, well kind of. I'm not interested in going to fat club and I've no desire to talk to other people for 'motivation' and I'd rather just get on with it on my own, so Mrs T just borrowed the Slimming World recipe books off her mates and we've simply just changed the way we cook, most of the food we eat is the same just cooked differently, aside from my lunches that is, the chicken and bacon baguettes or Tesco meal deal sandwiches are out and normal brown bread sandwiches are in, I don't enjoy it as much but I can put up with it because the rest of the food we eat is more or less the same. Personally I've found it very easy, but then I don't have to do anything, Mrs T provides all my meals I just eat them. I do have a wobble every now and again, I had a sausage bacon and egg baguette this morning for example and I reckon I've put about a stone back on after stuffing my face all Christmas, I also haven't stopped drinking, although I'm a binge drinker rather than a regular, probably go out once every six weeks or so and get smashed, maybe a couple of beers every other weekend otherwise, so I'm no dedicated role model for the diet. Having said all that, I'd lost 3 stone just before Christmas. Started at a similar weight to yourself at just under 20 stone, I'm getting to the point now where my clothes no longer fit (trousers in particular, need a belt!) and I feel 'light enough' to start adding in some regular exercise without it causing me to be in pain, so next week I'm starting swimming again, see how that goes and then maybe have a go at that HIT stuff as I won't have time for much more.
  14. The Grand Tour

    Predictable, scripted, exactly the same things everyone moaned about the old Top Gear while still watching it every week, and it didn't stop that becoming one of the worlds biggest shows. Personally I enjoy it, it's old Top Gear without the crap bits, it'll be huge success, what's not to like?
  15. ESP light

    Sometimes a faulty bulb can cause this, check your brake lights when the fault occurs.