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  1. Boxing thread

    I can't see it going any other way either.
  2. Apple Watch launch

    With cars I think a lot of the 'connected' tech is pointless, not all of it though, stuff like Facebook or Twitter integration is just asking for trouble in my opinion, no one is so important that they can't wait until they park before reading or replying to a message, whether that means doing it all with voice control or not, it still takes concentration away from where it should be, that's my issue with the current trend for car tech. You could argue that it's safer than someone picking their phone up and physically reading a message and typing a reply, but they shouldn't be doing that in the first place and that doesn't make any better. People need to concentrate on driving when they are in a car, any tech, no matter how clever it is that takes your concentration away from that has no place in a car imo.
  3. Apple Watch launch

    Do you really think augmented reality will take off? Genuine question, I can't see it being that popular myself, traditionally anything that requires wearing some sort of headset or glasses (other than poor eyesight) doesn't seem very popular, take 3D TV's for example, huge fail, people just can't be bothered with putting the glasses on, there isn't a single 3D TV from any manufacturer available in the 2017 ranges. Personally, I don't want a constant stream of information, I don't even have Facebook notifications turned on any more, constant notifications or streams of info just annoy me now, it was ok for a while when it was all new and a novelty but I'm kinda done with it if you see what I mean, I only want to access the information when I decide to. It feels a bit weird saying that, as I'm not a technophobe, I've always liked and bought the latest tech, when I was a kid my mum used to take me to the latest tech shows in london, I remember desperately wanting an Apple Newton when it was first displayed at a show, never got one because they were hideously expensive and not much use to a schoolboy, but I thought it was awesome, along with a lot of the other stuff that used to get revealed here before they moved everything to E3 in the states.
  4. Gatwick First Parking

    I've said it before - Never, ever, use anything other than the official airport parking, unless you know it's a genuine off site car park that you drop your car off at yourself, if they meet and greet you, chances are your car will be parked on the streets somewhere, or in a farmers field that the farmer is being paid (by the government) to leave fallow. Having worked out of Gatwick in the past (many years ago), and my sister living in Crawley for many years, it is rife, and easy money, there are very few genuine companies that look after your car as you would expect, and they aren't daft, they'll unplug your dash cam.
  5. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    Those are lady boys, real women prefer it poking in their centre console!
  6. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    I had a new rear caliper fitted last month, it was £80 fitted and has the electronic control module and motor inside it, not a lot more expensive than having a cable replaced and a lot quicker. And that's before you look at the other benefits of an electronic parking brake, such as hill hold assist, auto release (for the ladies) and a much nicer centre console without a big stick pointing out of it.
  7. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    Yes same here, I have an electronic parking brake so I asked my MOT man, his response is - the mechanism is still mechanical as the pads are wound in by a motor, so gets around the rules, hydraulic handbrakes can have a latching mechanism to hold the pads against the disc, but it is at the mercy of the fluid not leaking or expanding/contracting in fluctuating temperatures.
  8. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    Unless it also has a mechanical handbrake it'll fail it's first MOT as well, there must be a mechanical (i.e. not hydraulic) handbrake.
  9. Carwash Spots

    Well, whatever type of cloth he was using to dry it. That being said, I have tried all these waffle weave, microfibre, you name it, £25 drying miracles and I can tell you, without a doubt, none of them dry as well as a traditional chamois leather.
  10. Volvo

    I honestly don't know how much fuel supermarkets sell compared to traditional filling stations, it'll be a huge chunk either way, but the basic infrastructure is the same for a supermarket to sell fuel as it is for BP/Esso/Shell etc, just the supermarkets take advantage of oversupply of oil and sell it almost at a loss rather than actually producing it themselves. Most Esso/BP/Shell filling stations seem to have a shop attached to them these days, be it a Tesco/Morrisons/M&S or whatever, I assume the property is still owned by the oil company and the shop is licensed/franchised? We used to have an oil chap on here before he got hounded out, his input would probably have been quite interesting.
  11. Volvo

    Can you imagine the logistics of somewhere like Lakeside, or even just your average Tesco fitting charging points in every space? Even if wireless charging becomes a thing for cars, the cost of installation would simply prohibit it, the alternative is to not do it, and massively limit your customer base to those with enough range to drive both ways without charging. How does the government replace the taxes raised from the sale of petrol/diesel? Tax the cars heavily at point of sale and either no one buys, or people doing high mileages get a better deal than those on much lower mileages, they can't slap higher tax on electricity to compensate as that penalises everyone, especially the poor who can't even afford a car. Electricity is now too freely available for them to set up a separate meter for charging cars and tax that, you'd just plug in to an unmetered (or metered at a lower tax rate) supply. Personally, I believe the only real solution is hydrogen fuel cells, I know a lot of research has been done in to this and some is still ongoing, but I think this is where investment should be aimed, not at the inevitable stop gap that is EV. I guess the best indication of where we will be in the future, is to look at the oil companies rather than the vehicle manufacturers. They hold the answer as they have the infrastructure in place already, they aren't going to just shut the doors and say 'ok guys, it was good while it lasted but this petrol/diesel game just isn't working any more' where are they investing their money?
  12. Cars. France versus Austria

    The Frogs have gone Dacia mad, every other car is a bloody Dacia, I'm getting sick of the sight of them especially as they are normally driven by drunken pensioners.
  13. Carwash Spots

    I've seen 'proper' car wash places do that too when doing an interior wet valet, just the door cards as it's hard to get a wet vac on all the tight angles, you'd never know once they wipe it down as you'd expect the fabric to be damp still. On a more horrifying note for detailers, while driving past a Polski car wash yesterday I actually watched one of them drop a chamois, pick it up and continue drying the car with it, it's not a wash I use as they want too much money, but they are in a posh semi rural area so seem to get away with it.
  14. Dimma 205

    Looks about right to me, some stuff looked much wilder than others, a friend of mine had a Dimma Fiat Uno Turbo, just never quite looked right on the Uno, I think the 205 was their best work, most other stuff just looked odd.
  15. Volvo

    I didn't read the link (clearly!), I wonder how much difference there really is over all from end to end, obviously the EV will be considerably lower during it's working life time, but it seems considerably higher during construction/recycling. Of course we will probably struggle to ever find out real facts, as the government will tell us whichever one is evil depending on where the most revenue comes from.