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  1. Amsoil has landed at Opies!

    Hi Oilman, I've been wondering if there is any benefit to using a different (other than what my Ford dealers put in when they change it) oil in the Powershift gearbox in my diesel Galaxy? Is there any kind of upgraded oil, or oil that could result in different (i.e. better) shift speed/quality as it can occasionally be a little ponderous, or increase the longevity of the box in general? Many thanks.
  2. Hmmmmm

    Kinda, it hasn't moved (or even been started) for two years, but I'm sticking a battery on it this week as I need to move it so some work can be done to the drive/garden. I fully expect it to fire up on the first turn of the key, I'll wash the mould/moss off, order a new exhaust for it as the original ProDrive* one was blowing last time I drove it, then I'll park it back up once the work has finished until September when it gets it's rusty rear arches sorted and an MOT. *anyine got any idea if you can still buy an OE ProDrive exhaust? Don't want aftermarket but might not have a choice.
  3. Hmmmmm

    They just don't interest me at all, they looked cheap when new, they just look old and cheap now, I quite like the 944 but I don't think I'd ever buy one myself, the 928 I could see myself in, or at least I could have done a couple of years ago when you could get a late model one for sensible money, but not any more, 15k for a B reg (regardless of restoration) is just silly money in my opinion. Sadly that's happening with most cars from the 70's 80's and early 90's now, regardless of the badge, or if they were even any good back in the day, the ship has sailed for buying 'modern' classics for sensible money, we got in just at the end for Scumball when they were at the bottom of the market, try finding some of those cars for less than a grand these days. If I ever sell the Impreza, which given the way current values are going up is unlikely, I'd be looking at much newer stuff for having fun in, for example, I reckon the Fiat Panda 100HP is fecking cracking car for the money at the moment.
  4. Hmmmmm

    It's no secret that I'm not generally much of a Porsche fan, but the 924 I've never liked. By modern standards it'll be a struggle, you'll get overtaken by boggo diesel family saloons and Prius, and it's just never looked right to me, neither aggressive nor pretty enough for a sports car, I do like old school stuff, but I've never had a soft spot for the 924 and it's wheezing van engine*. *comment made purely to annoy resident Porsche nerd Eldavo.
  5. No fee's for spending abroad, BOE exchange rate, don't use it in the UK though, I think (but don't quote me) you can withdraw cash abroad without fee's too. I used to have a Nationwide account purely for spending abroad, but they changed all the terms, fee's and interest rates some years ago now, that's when I switched to Halifax Clarity.
  6. ^^ ditto. Used my clarity card all over the world, never an issue and I know I'm always getting the best rate and paying no interest *insert Martin Lewis mantra about always paying off, in full*.
  7. Alfa Guilia

    Stunning cars, I followed a quadrifoglio in to a posh hotel the other day, valet guys were falling over each other to park it. I wouldn't even be considering an M or AMG or anything else at the moment, this is top of my list bar none.
  8. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    I don't think he's going to do anything with it other than get it road legal, then run it around for a while, I've not met the owner, just what my mate with the garage has said.
  9. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    Yeah I'd imagine it's a little wobbly/flexible but I'm sure it probably handles well, the tin top is renowned for it's good handling, the cabrio can't be that much worse? Can it? I wonder how much of that 2009 3k asking price it would fetch, these are the kind of things going for silly money to idiots like us trying relive our youth now our mortgages are paid off, or is it just not quite GTi enough to be up there?
  10. School trip dilemma

    I would let mine go personally, I understand why you may not though. I don't see London as being any higher risk than anywhere else in the country, or anywhere in Europe for that matter.
  11. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    Thought this may interest a few of you, it is what would be considered a '*Barn find' and personally I love it. Popped in to my mates garage for quick cuppa and chat and this was sitting on his lift waiting to be tinkered with, amazingly there is no rust at all, it's totally solid, under the arches, the sills, around the roof etc, just needs a couple of hours with a dent magician, a damn good polish, perhaps a new roof and it'll look fantastic, interior is completely original even down to the Clarion stereo, just needs a clean up and the drivers seat sorting, otherwise it's in great nick. The story is that it was taken in by a used car dealer back in 2009 (either P/EX or simply bought to sell on the forecourt, not sure) and shortly afterwards they closed down, the owner of the garage had the remaining stock (of which this was one) moved to his house, where it has sat outside ever since, the sales info document is still in the car from when it was on the forecourt, it's showing the car was for sale with 72,000 miles on the clock, I suspect they rounded it down to the nearest thousand as it only has 72970 on it now 8 years later- After a little bit of tinkering (genuinely not much) it starts and runs, the whole braking system is going to be replaced (for obvious reasons) then it'll be put through an MOT which it will probably pass, at the most it may need a few bushes etc, then the chap is going to run it around for a bit. Anyway, hope you enjoyed looking at the pics and the story, there's too much doom and gloom at the moment. *isn't everything a 'Barn Find' these days? despite never seeing the inside of a garage let alone a barn!
  12. Well, partly because anything I can find on Google says it's unnecessary, but mostly because I haven't actually looked to see if any is available for Chrome OS.
  13. It really is, if all you do is browse the web and a few basic other bits, typing the odd letter for example, it's perfect. I've not had a single IT support phone call since he started using it, I'd get around 2-3 a week on his old Windows laptop.
  14. That reminds me, we bought him an Acer Chromebook in the end, it was the top of the range model (at the time, think there is now a new model) with 15" screen, SSD etc, was only £250 which frankly is a bargain, came with a free Chromecast thing too but they'll never use it. It's great, does everything he needs it to do but is capable of much more, has the full Google suite of apps for word processing, spreadsheets etc, virtually instant turn on with the SSD, runs quickly and so far no crashes or anything. I've been reading up on Chromebooks a bit and the general consensus seems to be that no antivirus is required, I'd appreciate the TSN input on that though, is that really the case? If antivirus is a sensible precaution what is there available for Chrome OS?
  15. New pants please

    It's all very well saying drive past and call emergency services, and I understand the reasons why, but the instinct to stop and help a fellow human in trouble is a basic one, and a good one at that. The Ring Taxi, while absolutely correct in what it does (aside from appearing to just carry on rather than pull over after the incident and help) seems somewhat callous in comparison.