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  1. Germany Could Slap Foreign Cars With Road Tolls

    Not sure how they would apply that to cars from other European union members? France do it, but they charge everyone, not just Johnny Foreigner. Mook, I suspect you've just got lucky, there is a reciprocal agreement with Germany (and most countries in the EU) whereby they swap info and fines, I got away with it in 2006 during the Scumball Rally, but then we had false plates on our car so err....
  2. Spot the problem

    I did think it may be something to do with the brakes due to the brake pipe location not looking ideal, but I don't think it makes any difference from a braking performance perspective, on cars you sometimes see different caliper locations, sometimes on the leading edge of the disc, sometimes on the trailing edge. On a bike I suspect placing the caliper behind the fork rather than in front simply offers it more protection from the elements or road debris, possibly to the detriment of airflow for cooling, I would imagine the forks being back to front is more of an issue as I would have thought they are built to be stronger if fitted in the correct orientation?
  3. I don't think the VXR8 is on sale in the UK any more, I'm sure it's Holden version can still be had in the colonies though. I'm a big fan of the VXR8 too and I don't usually like Vauxhalls, It's right up there on my list, I want to own another V8 and this is realistically what it will probably be given I won't entertain Audi, they are (I think) a bit of a bargain at the moment, I don't think they'll drop much lower in price either so I reckon it's the right time to buy.
  4. Carwash Spots

    Beautiful old thing, to think we banger raced so many of them in the 90's when they were worthless is kind of sad, not to mention mk1 and 2 Escorts which are now worth silly money.
  5. Excellent choice sir, it'd be high on my list but not at the top. For me, my tastes don't really include any supercars these days, things like Ferrari or Lamborghini just don't interest me, my inner teenage boy has long gone, whilst not exactly extravagant, I'll still not be able to afford one any time soon, but mine would be one of these - Mine would be Competizione Red, with black leather (criminally, you can't spec tan leather, WTF Alfa?) or possibly Alfa Blu but I'd need to see it in the flesh, with dark teledial alloys. I don't think there is a better looking car on the market, and it's finally an Alfa that is superb to drive, it's got more capability than I have that's for sure.
  6. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    You need to look at OLED, you'll never go back to anything else, makes plasma look awful, infinite contrast ratio, nothing does black like OLED, if I'm watching something in a pitch black room and the screen goes black, the TV literally dissapears, if you're watching a film with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen you can't see the bars in a dark room. Try that with a plasma or LED TV and you'll quickly notice that black is actually grey and the room is being lit up by what you thought was a black screen, the OLED emits no light whatsoever on a dark screen. Now that every single manufacturer has ditched 3D, I think they'll all be pushing OLED tech very soon.
  7. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Trouble is, SD looks awful on a large screen, so you probably aren't comparing it fairly to today's significantly larger screens, my nan (before she passed away) still had an old 27" Sony Trinitron CRT TV, and SD content looked exactly the same as it always had, perfectly acceptable, watch the same content on a 40+" Plasma/LCD/ETC and it looks awful.
  8. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Can't disagree more, UHD looks simply stunning on a decent TV, HDR/Dolby Vision (and BBC's upcoming HLG) even better although the difference between UHD and HDR/DV is less than the difference between HD and UHD, the key being having a TV that does it justice, OLED has now matured and definitely does that. Mrs T was sceptical, thought spending nearly £3k on a TV was a waste of money but even she says the picture in UHD and HDR/DV is stunning and that 'normal' HD now looks rubbish. Thing is though, common consensus seems to be that UHD is only of benefit on screen sizes 55" and over, anything bigger than that in an average sized lounge will look pretty daft, so I think UHD will be the end of the definition race save for specialist applications, HDR/DV/HLG is where technology is moving now, once those standards are more widespread we'll see what the next generation of tech brings but I think it will be along similar lines giving wider dynamic ranges of colours and contrasts.
  9. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    Well there is the biggie, Disney Land. Personally I have found it to be the best Disney park I've been to (US and Paris, not been to the Japanese one yet), it's the newest I think and it shows, Space Mountain is vastly superior to Paris and Florida, as is the Runaway Mine Train. The best thing about the park, though, is the fact it is small, far smaller than the other Disney Parks but still has the main rides, so much less walking and it's a lot quieter too meaning very little queuing, arriving by train is cool and also the most convenient way, you take the underground to the Disney station where you transfer to the Disney Train, this is great for the kids and it pulls in to the big Disney station at the end of the boulevard that leads to the gates. Otherwise there is Ocean Park, I went there about 15 years ago and they had Panda Bears, Dolphins, cable car, theme park rides etc, it was very good, assume it is still much the same. Lots of free to enter parks, Victoria park (also free) has a small zoo in it with Monkeys and stuff, a very large walk through bird cage which is great, ponds with turtles in them, that kind of stuff. Happy Valley racecourse may not be your thing but is a good night out even if you don't place any bets. The kids would love the night markets, haggling is great fun (and expected) and the sheer amount of stuff they'll come away with for pennies will probably require additional suitcases, then there are the electronics/computer arcades, if you can think of it, they sell it. Victoria Peak Tram and the Peak itself is worth a trip, just bear in mind the actual peak is a fair trek uphill from the shopping centre that most people consider to be the peak and the main attraction. Star ferry (off peak when it's quiet) is good fun too for a quick and very cheap trip.
  10. Why is diesel now so evil?

    All gone a bit weird the Gadget show, not entirely sure Craig Charles is the right fit even though I do quite like him, and that new girl (while very attractive) isn't a patch on either Suzi or Rachel. They seem to have just looked at YouTube and copied whatever looked popular, hence the new 'Unboxing' segment and the 'will it blend' bit, they seem to have forgotten that anyone watching probably knows how to use YouTube and has seen all those before, I'd be amazed if they haven't removed any batteries from anything they blend, although as you say, electrical components and PCB's still contain some nasty stuff. I know it was never a reliable guide to tech and the reviews were laughable, especially when they'd discount the best product in a test because it wasn't 'cool' and go on to announce a much inferior winner, but it was easy viewing and interesting at times, it's a bit of a car crash now.
  11. So bloody slow!

    I find it is always deathly slow on my laptop now, fine on my phone though.
  12. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    If you do end up deciding to visit HK, I've been several times and Mrs T's sister lives there (Park Island) so any questions I can't answer I'll gladly put to her, it's a fascinating place, real mixture of traditional East meets modern West, with a dollop of colonialism for good luck.
  13. Why is diesel now so evil?

    What on earth made him think he'd need new batteries? We have been running hybrids around since they first came out, about 15 odd years now, we have about 60 of them on the fleet, not once have we ever had to replace any batteries. We ourselves have a 2005 Prius, hasn't had and doesn't need new batteries, still drives like it was new.
  14. Football results today

    It wasn't that long ago, I can remember the dream team well, Arsene was our hero, the future was ours.... Personally, I don't want to see him sacked, we have a lot to be grateful to him for, but it is time for change, see the season out and don't renew his contract.
  15. Football results today

    Can't really argue with any of that, it is embarrassing, you support who you support though, nothing is going to change that, we aren't Man U fans.