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  1. Replacing the wife's car v1: which 5+2?

    You've pretty much covered the bases yourself there already, I'd have said look at an S-Max and you've covered that, I'd have said don't even consider anything French, you've covered that. Only other things I can think of are avoid a Zafira like the plague, a couple of friends and family members have asked my advice on them (3 people actually) and I told them to steer clear, they all ignored me and bought them anyway because they were "much more car for the money" than anything else. Well Zafira's are cheap for a reason, they are crap, unreliable and cost silly money to repair, over a grand for the clutch and flywheel to be replaced on a 1.6 petrol model with a solid (not dual mass) flywheel, how the feck does a solid flywheel even be faulty? Every person I know who's bought one has regreted it and ended up with a car that costs them money they can't rely on and can't sell, on top of that they still catch fire, the constant recalls for that issue are ongoing, my sisters car has been in three times now and still not considered to be fixed. What else, hmm, how about a Prius+? No it's not a good looking car, no it's not quick and it doesn't handle, it's not for petrol heads but it's a safe, economical, practical, reliable car that won't let you (or your Mrs) down so you never have to worry about her doing longer trips, sit her in one with the back up camera, sat nav, self parking etc and she'll be impressed by the toys, you never know, she might actually like the look of it, my Mrs loves her Prius, I don't mind driving it but think it looks awful.
  2. Tips on rejecting a faulty car?

    My take would be that the dealer she purchased it from is who she needs to deal with, any dealings with BMW UK are their problem. That's what happened when we rejected a Volvo, didn't deal with Volvo at all, just wrote a letter to the dealer explaining the situation (which they already knew about) handed the keys and the letter over (leaving the car in the car park obviously) and waited for them to contact us for the full refund, which they did in a couple of days.
  3. Bit pointless connecting both up to be honest as they largely have the same channel list anyway. If you don't have a dish already it's a bit pointless having one installed when you won't gain anything from it, just plug in your normal aerial coax.
  4. This is true, I see the worst of it because of the family business, however personally, I've never had an issue with any of my tenants in my BTL properties. I am very strict on the vetting however, I simply won't touch anyone on any kind of benefits whatsoever, this means it occasionally takes a little longer to find new tenants, but once they are in they tend to stay long term.
  5. One thing you learn pretty quickly as a landlord is that tenants are protected much more than your investment is. If you're lucky, you'll never have a bad tenant and it will all go well, but it only takes one bad tenant to financially ruin you. There are ways to mitigate your risk of course, but they all carry different risks of their own and it's always the good landlords that get turned over, slum-lords just get away with it. As mrme says, the agent is absolutely correct and could find himself in a lot of hot water for releasing personal information, that is why the information is only given to a solicitor who will then advise you on wether to go ahead with the purchase, avoid altogether, or go ahead with conditions, such as evicting the current tenants and taking possession of the property once vacant.
  6. Actually, I've been thinking more about this and looked into it a bit, that's not a bad idea at all, apparently Chrome books are far less susceptible to viruses and such like, which would hopefully mean less of my time is taken up getting rid of viruses and other various add-on's as he clicks 'yes' to anything that pops up on the screen. I also thought they only worked with an internet connection, turns out that's not correct either and they can perform word processing or spreadsheet tasks without any internet connection, not that he needs it for that now he's retired. So thanks for the suggestion.
  7. New car deals?

    Anyone (Booster?) seen any particularly good deals on new cars lately? My brother is after replacing his Focus ST, he's a bit vague about it's replacement but is interested in the Mercedes C class and BMW X series which I'm assuming he means either X1 or X3. I think he should also look at the 1 & 3 series if there are any deals to be had, he'll probably like the 3GT too knowing him. He's a self employed company director (IFA) so any business lease deals could also be up for consideration. I appreciate it's a bit vague, but he doesn't really know what he wants, if there is anything else that is a stonking deal it would be well worth him considering. Many thanks.
  8. New car deals?

    That wont work, how will the second coat stick to the first one?
  9. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    So it's not a Golf GTi with the 'i' removed and a massive battery?
  10. New car deals?

    Use Teflon coated paint, reduced drag as the car slips through the air quicker!
  11. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    Fair enough, diesel is more expensive than petrol though so you have to factor that in. But as you say, buying used the difference in purchase price between petrol/diesel is negligible so reduces the break even point. I was just wondering if you might have more fun in something like a Golf GT-E? I've never driven one so it's just my mind wandering and musing things while I sit about doing bugger all in the sunshine!
  12. It does really need to be Windows, he's never used anything else and I've never used a Chromebook so wouldn't even know where to start when the IT support calls come in. I can generally sort out anything he's done/downloaded to Windows!
  13. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    I typed a reply but when I submitted it TSN was down so it's vanished, the gist of it was, you wont save much at 20k a year, maybe a few hundred quid. Have you considered a hybrid? I don't mean a Prius, can't see you in one of those to be honest, but a Golf or A3 is your kind of thing.
  14. Carwash Spots

    Almost certainly a kit, genuine ones are rare and too valuable to ever see on the roads, but as Mook says, so long as it's got a V8, does it matter?
  15. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    Wait, isn't the van to save putting miles on the toy? Can't help but thinking you're arse about face! Personally I wouldn't bother with a D, just get a petrol one, you won't be able to take a diesel anywhere without being burned at the stake soon.
  16. Carwash Spots

    Garçon, would your mate be interested in a lightweight fibre glass boot lid for an SD1? I don't want anything for it, he'd just have to collect it or arrange for it to be collected, it's going to end up at the tip otherwise, I've been hanging on to it because it seems a shame to bin something that could be useful to someone and hard to find these days, if he's doing historic racing he could well be the chap it's meant to be with!
  17. Carwash Spots

    It looks slightly more modern in Vitesse trim, I still think it's a nice design but agree, it's showing it's age.
  18. Carwash Spots

    SD1 looks just like my old one, only without the massive supercharger and Mad Max style air scoop sticking out of the bonnet. It was like driving a rocket propelled sofa!
  19. Venice....any inputs?

    Love Lake Garda, Sirmione is nice although generally the other end of the lake is nicer, Riva del Garda is our usual Italian lakes destination, it's far enough away from the water park/theme parks/Rock Star restaurant and caravan parks to not get all the noise, while still only a 45 min drive to take the kids to the parks for the day, and you can hire a speedboat just down the road in Limone. My best mate got married in Malcesine castle too, great day that was.
  20. Bloodbath....

    I think that's the same colour as my brothers 335d, stunning colour, photos do not do it justice.
  21. Nothing Handles Like A Rental Car

    Amazon says mine arrives tomorrow, I didn't feel it fair to write a review until I've actually read it!
  22. Germany Could Slap Foreign Cars With Road Tolls

    Not sure how they would apply that to cars from other European union members? France do it, but they charge everyone, not just Johnny Foreigner. Mook, I suspect you've just got lucky, there is a reciprocal agreement with Germany (and most countries in the EU) whereby they swap info and fines, I got away with it in 2006 during the Scumball Rally, but then we had false plates on our car so err....
  23. Spot the problem

    I did think it may be something to do with the brakes due to the brake pipe location not looking ideal, but I don't think it makes any difference from a braking performance perspective, on cars you sometimes see different caliper locations, sometimes on the leading edge of the disc, sometimes on the trailing edge. On a bike I suspect placing the caliper behind the fork rather than in front simply offers it more protection from the elements or road debris, possibly to the detriment of airflow for cooling, I would imagine the forks being back to front is more of an issue as I would have thought they are built to be stronger if fitted in the correct orientation?
  24. I don't think the VXR8 is on sale in the UK any more, I'm sure it's Holden version can still be had in the colonies though. I'm a big fan of the VXR8 too and I don't usually like Vauxhalls, It's right up there on my list, I want to own another V8 and this is realistically what it will probably be given I won't entertain Audi, they are (I think) a bit of a bargain at the moment, I don't think they'll drop much lower in price either so I reckon it's the right time to buy.
  25. Carwash Spots

    Beautiful old thing, to think we banger raced so many of them in the 90's when they were worthless is kind of sad, not to mention mk1 and 2 Escorts which are now worth silly money.