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  1. Where do I stand? (Ford)

    Currently they know nothing of the problems I'm having, I've had no reason to contact them since I drove of the forecourt as Eastbourne Ford do all my servicing and warranty work.
  2. Where do I stand? (Ford)

    Problem is, who do I send it to? Eastbourne Ford who are working on it? Or Wokingham Ford who I purchased it from? Or Ford head office?
  3. Car-related things to do before you die...

    Or how about overtaking a cop flat out.. on the A259 coast road between Eastbourne and Bexhill..... Childish, and hugely expensive!:nono: Twas many years ago though, back when Mk 2 16V Astras were (almost) respectable:confused:
  4. Where do I stand? (Ford)

    When it's got 300k on the clock and it's totally worn out i'll give you a call! Ford have today decided the ABS module is where the problem is, and they are getting a new one in for tomorrow, apparently Ford are so concerned that they are having the faulty module sent to germany for a thorough investigation. If this doesn't sort the problem, I'm going to be asking for my money back, in the mean time, I think i'm going to seek some legal advice just incase. This is what I'm after - VolkswagenClubClassSportline
  5. Car-related things to do before you die...

    There are the obvious ones like, drive the Nurburgring flat out, Route 66 in a soft top, Drive on frozen lakes, Drive a Ferrari, Probably a few less obvious ones too, Plaster a mates car in offensive stickers, Hide a pack of stinky french cheese under someones seat, Empty a bottle of liquid a*se into someones MX5.......
  6. If she's planning on doing over 80k in it, in that time frame then find something else, I have a cab fleet of 130 cars and the newer shape Avensis is fine up to then, at which point they all fall apart! We have traded a few of ours in for the previous shape, which, while not as astheticaly pleasing or practical, dont seem to break down. Toyota really seem to have dropped the ball on the Avensis.
  7. Where do I stand? (Ford)

    There would in theory not be a problem having the meter/computer etc fitted to another vehicle, the problem is, Ford dont have any licensed vehicles so I would be breaking the law using it as a taxi, they have offered me a courtesy car but I didn't see the point taking it as I cant use it for work, and I have 2 other cars to get around in. Things like this just seem to set the tone for the future, My Skoda Superb was the same, nothing but trouble from the minute it rolled off the dealer forecourt, and I'm slowly finding that alot of the trim etc in the Galaxy is very poor quality, all the bits you immediately look at/touch are lovely, but things like the whole bottom half of the dash are made of such poor quality plastics it makes you cringe! As suggested I think I'll have to visit a solicitor and see exactly where I stand, I've seen a lovely VW Transporter Sportline 8 seat bus! Thanks for the replies, I'll let you know how I get on.
  8. Where do I stand? (Ford)

    The warranty is still with Ford, and Eastbourne Ford are looking into wether they can get any compensation for loss of earnings but they are not hopefull. To be honest, I've lost faith in the car, and now I'd like to get out with minimal financial pain! Went to pick it up today, and it wouldn't start!
  9. Review - Peugeot 407 diesel.

    You mean I'm not supposed to thrash the tits off an ST around various tracks inbetween ferrying paying passengers to the airport/pub/*beachy head? To be fair to the Mondeo, it took it all in it's stride and never let me down once (unlike the new feckin Galaxy), although I pity the fool who buys it as a second hand bargain as it needs at least - New Dual mass flywheel New wheel bearings New injectors New discs &pads new tyres. It was the dealer network that let it all down, absolutely hopeless, and hey presto, they still aren't any better! Re Spa, I'll never forget the "Help, I'm trapped in the bog" phonecall! *Student special
  10. Review - Peugeot 407 diesel.

    Unfortunately It's a new shape Galaxy so it doesn't share any of the VAG parts anymore! I still cant work out why I bought another Ford after the ST!
  11. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    I have heard that yes. Do you think he knows who did it yet? I still p1ss myself everytime I think of the bareback dolphin riding pigeon! Still wonder sometimes how it got us all the way there and back! Best tasting pint I've ever had too!! Allegedly, if you keep pumping fuel into a full Alfa fuel tank, it all comes out again when you take the nozzel out!
  12. Review - Peugeot 407 diesel.

    Hey mr Duisberg! We've got several 407's on the fleet, The aircon will de-gas itself at some point when something in the engine bay cuts through an A/C pipe, also the steering rack will fall out, the Suspension will probably collapse too, and there will be numerous electrical faults too! Mind you, my new Galaxy is currently sitting in Fords car park costing me £300 a night in lost earnings due to random electrical faults.
  13. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    I have several excuses for it m'lord! Take your pick from the following - 1. I'm a taxi driver! 2. I bought it literaly an hour before starting the 2007 Scumball rally, due to the Audi I'd previously bought for the event breaking down, and it being offered to me for peanuts! And to be fair, while it wasn't ever going to set any lap records round the nurburgring, it was actually quite entertaining to drive and very slightly, mildy, just a little bit quick (ish), until it blocked it's own exhaust. Still cant take away it's mini cab looks though, even on the ring in the rain in full livery! -
  14. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    I'm sorry Mook, but I simply cant take your opinion of cars seriously as I dont believe you've ever owned an Alfa? Everyone knows you cant be a petrol head until you've owned one!
  15. What to buy for £2k.

    Hi, new on here but Mook, Avantb6, duisbergkid etc all know me. Not going to suggest a particular car but just bear in mind if economy plays any part in your decision at all then forget diesel. You need to be doing in excess of 40k a year to see any savings over a petrol car as diesel is more expensive to buy, so at approx 5k a year you'd save more money in a petrol (unless your talking V8's etc of course). Obviously some people (myself included) love the torquey driving experience of modern diesels, so there is still a case to be had for diesel!
  16. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    Hi, I'm Tipex, after literaly some pressure from the duisbergkid I have finally signed up to TSN and banished all other forums from taking up my time (except Scumball occasionally). Seeing as it's Mooks birthday I thought I'd reward him by putting my first post in his thread! Anyway, enough of that, my fave 80's cars were/are - Not to mention the ubiquitous UR Quattros etc etc, there are so many cars I could spend hours trawling the net looking for pictures, but frankly, I cant be bothered! Realistically, if I were to be buying something, I'd want a car that isn't going to be a nightmare to maintain and source parts for, so I think the number one useable car of the 80's for me, has to be an Oak green 3 door Mk2 Golf GTI 16v. However, Im known for not taking my own advice which is probably why I currently own a Supercharged Rover SD1 V8, and a BF5 Subary Legacy Turbo, Ive also had (recently) an Audi Coupe Quattro, a Nissan Primera SRi, and an Alfa 75 3.0 V6.