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  1. Hosted VOIP PBX

    Can anybody recommend any good services for around 100 users? Or should we avoid? Ta. Si.
  2. Almost new PS3 320 gb and other stuff

    Is this still available - I have a mate that's after one... Si.
  3. Awesome modification - works on any car !

    Now that is fecking genius. Si.
  4. Car for my mum

    It looks as though the auto gearbox on my mum's '51 plate feccus has gone pear shaped. A replacement / recon box is probably going to cost more than the car is worth, so I am probably going to have to find her another car... We will probably have £2.5-3K to spend, it must be an auto, and will probably only do about 20 miles or so a week. Any recommendations? Anybody got any experience of a clio auto? Thanks Si.
  5. Xbox vs PS3

    The deed is done - PS3 ordered from Amazon... PS3 slim 120Gb, HDMI cable and Red Dead Redemption all for £254. Just need to get my Xbox 360 gear and Popcorn box onto ebay now (and the PS3 game I just bought). Si.
  6. Xbox vs PS3

    PS3 media server will transcode pretty much anything to PS3 on the fly and just act as a DNLA service. A bit like TVersity, but better. It will also stream to Xbox, but only as wmv, so only in stereo, not DD/DTS. I haven't got room in the cabinet, inputs left on the amp or the money to keep both. Si.
  7. Xbox vs PS3

    Streaming mkv files using ps3 media server. Blueray Different games Si.
  8. Xbox vs PS3

    I'm thinking of junking my Xbox 360 in for a PS3. 1. Should I? 2. Where's best - ebay, TSN, HMV, Game, etc.? Thanks Si.
  9. Convert .avi video file

    Download mediainfo - it will give you more info as to what codec was used to record the file, as avi is just a container, not a video "format". Something like super or tmpgenc should be able to do the conversion for you. Si
  10. The return of TopGear

    Something else she has in common with Tom Cruise, then... Si.
  11. Jaguar plans new models

    I have the Denso satnav in my S-max, and as you say, it's bloody rubbish. I still tend to use the tom-tom on my iPhone if I need to find my way anywhere. Si.
  12. I got the download link to work, but having downloaded the file, the upgrade doesn't work... Si.
  13. iPhone OS4

    I have downloaded and installed 4.01 to my 3GS - I'm definitely showing fewer bars than before... Si.
  14. Range Rover LRX

    LR have said they want to put distance between the two brands, taking RR more upmarket, and LR more utilitarian. This probably means no replacement for the current disco, with the Freelander and Defender replacement being the only LR models, and the full-fat RR, RRS and Evoque representing the RR brand. I am liking the looks of the Evoque a LOT. Bet it's stupidly expensive for a golf sized car, though. Si.