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  1. Audi A4 Cabriolet Hood Problem

    Hi guys, My wife's 2003 A4 cab has started doing this. The rear panel starts to lift but then it's as if the hyraulics don't have enough power to fully lift it. If I gently lift the rear panel it then carries on lifting and the roof works fine. The cars just come out of an extended warrany and due to the milleage we couldn't renew. Do you think the hydraulics have gone? Just thought I'd check in case it was a common issues resolved quite cheaply but can't find anything on the net so guess not? Thanks in advance
  2. Finally some pic's

    Looks excellent mate. I like the new R in Black
  3. The best car mod you can buy!!

    I think this sounds well worth it . A friend of mine got a free day driving when he bought a Civic Type R a few yearsd ago and said it was excellent. How many lessons will you be having then?
  4. New Boxster mini web special

    Hi everyone. I spotted this the other day on and thought it may be of interest. You probably all already know about the new engine etc but just in case you are interested here's the link. Hpe this doesn't pee off any already Boxster Owners it's just for info in case anyone was about to buy a new/nearly new one in the next few months.
  5. Anyone Upgraded Stereo?

    Not sure if you have seen this but it shows various bits and bobs about the new MY07 boxsters. I reckon the waiting is a real wounder when you have finally decided. I had to wait 4 months for my R32 and it seemed like a life time. Sorry to hear about the ex situation, sounds like you have a few things to sort out in the mean time though mate so hopefully you will be all straight by December, and able to concentrate on your new toy Oh and I have seen some pictures of a white boxster (987) on if you are interested but I would imagine you have already been on there. It looked really nice actually
  6. Anyone Upgraded Stereo?

    Excellent, bet you are mega excited. What spec have you decided on? Sorry to go off topic a little
  7. Anyone Upgraded Stereo?

    You holding out for the MY07 model then? Might be worth waiting if you are ordering new?!
  8. Ipod

    Does it display the track name on the headunit too? looks good
  9. The "New" Blue Devil

    You obviously already know this as you already have a DBP R32 but after the stereotypical visit to Homebase on the weekend I spotted a MKv in DBP in the car park. The first 3 door DBP I have seen in the flesh. It looked amazing, I really liked it and so did my other half so can't be bad Have you gone for recaro's this time?
  10. The "New" Blue Devil

    Does the new one turn up this week then. I wonder if the neighbours will notice as it's the same colour. Love that colour still. it looks amazing
  11. Adios, but not goodbye...........

    Glad you got something sorted Encee, and it's good that you are still excited about changing even though you love the golf. PS I was with my friend in his Lotus Elise one day on the motorway and we came up behind a E46 330cd. Traffic moved over and the beemer put his foot down followed by my self and my mate in the lotus. Let's just say my friend was mortified as the 330cd left us for dust. I know that's not what the lotus is best at (high speed straight line) but it was quite funny to wind him up about it
  12. The phone call that everyone waits for............

    Excellent news mate, bet you can't wait
  13. Adios, but not goodbye...........

    Glad you like the beemer. I take it we are talking new shape 3 series then, is there a 330 petrol available at the moment as I have been out in the older E46 330ci and it felt quite quick. Not sure how long you could hold off for but may be worth waiting for?!
  14. Adios, but not goodbye...........

    [ QUOTE ] Thanks for the send-off gents, and some interesting replies there ! Regarding the Audi, it sounds like I`m going to have to check thoroughly on the space in the rear, to see how it compares with the GTI. I`ve also now arranged a test-drive in a 325 M-Sport on Thursday (with the A4 S-line on Friday), so I`ll let you know how I get on. Cheers. [/ QUOTE ] Hi mate, Currently have an A4 2.oT S-Line whilst our car is in for warranty work. I was really impressed with the grunt the engine provides and it has made me want to test out a GTI even more now. In my opinion the audi lacked steering feel, understeered a little too much and the brakes were still not giving as much feel as I would like. having said that it was peeing it down over the weekend when I gave it some stick. I have not driven a new shape 3 series but from the previous ones I have had (only 316 and 320) they tend to feel like the better drivers car. My money would be on the 325 sport. Having said that the Audi was a very nice car and considering it was an auto went very well. Now if it was an RS4 At the end of the day I am sure the test drive will bring out your favourite. Good luck either way mate
  15. The "New" Blue Devil

    Sounds good, Will we be seeing the new and improved pics then. I hope the new one will be even more shiney