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  1. Knock knock - can I come in please??

    Or do I...smoke and mirrors.. smoke and mirrors :-)
  2. Knock knock - can I come in please??

    I go by kd on that forum. I use different names on different forums just so no one can catch me :-) Been bloody ages since I was on here!
  3. Knock knock - can I come in please??

    Its like a god damn reunion thread thought it was you on 246 Ian_C
  4. Ok ladies, just wanted to let you know that the best has just got a little bit better!!! Had the car back from the service and even though I knew it was quicker than the average turbo, I actually put this down to the Ruf exhaust letting it breath just that little bit freeer blah de blah...BUT just had it confirmed that its the Turbo X50 (450bhp) as apposed to the standard 420. The service guy said with the type of exhaust/cats etc it should be pushing atleast 460 The car is now with a dealer but let me know if you are interested, porsche have also confirmed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and would warranty it without question.
  5. Hi Guys As a little nudge and for a limited time before I take the car in for a sale or return I am offering this car with 1 year Official Porsche Warranty!!! I will have this carried out once sale is agreed and will pick up any associated this cant be bad ...and as mentioned below will come with the major service carried out. This is a offer not to be missed...what some would call a once in a lifetime opportunity
  6. What the Cayenne says about you?

    I was of he same opinion of these Cayenne's thought it wasnt really Porsche's market...until I sat in a turbo..geewiz they are very quick and very impressive on the road, as someone said previous its not as sloppy as the range...still not the car I would buy if I was spending that amount of cash right now, but it certainly has changed my opinion and respect for them...not sure what the other models are like but the Turbo was very nice
  7. M3 warranty

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] 2 x E46 M3's and 2 x Engine replacements under advice dont leave home without it wow didnt realise BMW have hiked up their warranties...I think they must have lost a lot of money on their engine issues with the M3 recalls last couple of years... [/ QUOTE ] I actually hold you personally responsible for the hike in warranty charges TOK.......... [/ QUOTE ] very good...
  8. M3 warranty

    2 x E46 M3's and 2 x Engine replacements under advice dont leave home without it wow didnt realise BMW have hiked up their warranties...I think they must have lost a lot of money on their engine issues with the M3 recalls last couple of years...
  9. [ QUOTE ] they would be silly not to rip Smudge's hand off for this one [/ QUOTE ] More like ripping smudge off at this price!! good luck, it really is a cracking car
  10. [ QUOTE ] TOK, would you accept two small children as part payment? (Don't worry peeps, it won't be one of mine). [/ QUOTE ] Thanks smudge Hopefully have someone taking a look on monday so fingers crossed!! As with the small children I would consider it as long as they have staff discount on at their Nike Factory only joking before I start getting hatemail !! Ban Sweat Shops Etc Etc!! ps as a way of cross promotion I would also like to vouch for the R32 for sale, amazing car and great combination with the colour and interior good luck with it mate
  11. Thanks guys and your fee is in the post Ross it was indeed tight but have to say with 3 grown adults it still didnt half shift!! No warranty Daz but I am having a full major service (the 4 year one is the dogs ****) which carries out all the points involved in offering a porsche warranty. If needed I would get the check carried out so the upcoming buyer would feel confident they can obtain warranty.
  12. told you time and time again...if you would have thrown in that traffic light retro air freshner it would have clinched the deal.....hope all well with you mate.... just hope one of those few come my way now... Thanks dansky...needed the kleenex myself to wipe the tears away putting the up for sale...
  13. Alcantara

    [ QUOTE ] I thought about lightly brushing it with a suede brush & then removing any excess that comes up, but I'm worried about over doing it. [/ QUOTE ] sounds like your talking from experience there smudge...thought you were quite defensive of your combover...couldnt resist mate A guy at work used a trim repair place for his CSL seats as they had worn and he was selling it, I will try and find out the details...but it came out like new... a quick search found people like these
  14. just saw an amazing Porsche 996 Turbo for sale in the classified section!!! LINK ;-) not biased, of course, and not sure of the seller but I reckon its really well looked after and possibly one of the best in the world
  15. NEW GT3 pics and details

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] that just looks a loss for words [/ QUOTE ] Bollox. [/ QUOTE ] Smudgy why the need for profanity