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  1. When I pull away in 1st gear I notice a slight hesitation. Car then accelerates as it should after that. My CTR has done 87k and is well serviced. Electrical problem maybe? Or is this normal? only had car 2 weeks now, so just getting used to it. better than my old scooby!
  2. type r timing belt

    good idea. my front tyres are low on tread and a bit perished. they've probably gone a bit hard. there also a cheap make, from prev. owner. I've only just bought the car. just found toyo proxes online for £72 each fitted on black circles, not bad
  3. type r timing belt

    ah yea. i think your right. no belt but a chain. i thought the noise was a bearing cause it gets louder the faster the car moves, not related to engine speed. think i'll jack the car up and spin the wheels cheers
  4. type r timing belt

    how much to get the timing belt done on a civic type r 02 reg? also, are wheel bearings prone to wear, my car's done 87k with fsh. I'm sure I can hear a wheel bearing moaning!
  5. mk4 golf abs grinding noise

    Can anyone help. The ABS warning light and fault message has appeared but today I was driving as usual, applied the brakes and there was a sudden grinding noise from the engine bay and the brake pedal felt hard then grindy, it felt like I had a load of cogs grinding together under my pedal. Then all was ok again. The pads seem fine. If they were gone I'd hear them scraping all the time. Also lost brake power when it happened. Is my abs pump, or whatever it is, broke? Feel that I should not drive the car till its sorted. Its done 132k miles but does have a S.H. Just my luck really as I am trying to sell it!!