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  1. A rather Special Edition 30 for sale.....

    I see you point and it's a good one, but luckily the select plus box allows to go back to stock (230 bhp). So it is switchable. But I am reluctant to rip the hardware out. As for insurance ......the map is the only thing, if declared, would increase it somewhat. I paid £230 for the first year before upgrades for the wife and I, and the second year was £450 with the map and hardware mods. That's through Adrian Flux.
  2. A rather Special Edition 30 for sale.....

    OK.....having been messed about with an offer of 17800.....thats where the price now If not I'll open it up to the masses more broadly.
  3. A rather Special Edition 30 for sale.....

    bump........price negotiable.
  4. Guy's The time has come to sell my pride and joy. Nuff said....heres the linky :-( Volkswagen : Deep Pearl Black Golf EDITION 30 GTi DSG Stage 1.5 Tune (REVO-330 BHP)
  5. Golf GTI Edition 30 - For Sale

    I am selling my pearl black 5 door ed30 in a few months time. Its a stage 1.5 revo map with dsg and 40k on the clock. VW offered 17k for it and say I can sell for that very cheap seeing as they have actually increased in value from 17k private in dec to 19k now in jan....check glasses quide....I was lucky enough to have the valuation report printed off and given to me by my VW I'll be looking for around 18500.
  6. thanks for the advice guys, will do whats suggested and report back.
  7. I am running forge cold intake, forge dv with the uprated spring that came with it. I'll try 757 and see what the difference is......i'll let you all know....thanks a bunch guys.
  8. Chaps, Have done 3 runs now measuring blocks 115 and 120 in VAG-COM, 3rd gear, 2000rpm to over the redline, but seems to only be hitting 307hp and 288lbft of torque. Current setting is 6,4,9 on select plus, this is because I was puffing a lot of black smoke and nicely sooting up my exhaust on 8,6,9. Any advice very welcomed please from anyone else running similar on ED30's. See pics for graph.
  9. ED30 REVO at Edition 38

    Yes I did, as they know how much I hate that kinda thing, they only did 0.2 of a mile. Anyway I now have a data log from vag com running blocks mentioned in a previous post. Now what? Is there a spreadsheet somewhere that can do my graphs etc for me showing torque and bhp?? Sorry if I seem a noob, but once shown, I'm away! I have attached the log file, its in .txt format, just rename to .csv LOG-01-020-031-115.txt
  10. I bought this spacer with the remote diverter valve a few weeks back to put on my ED30, but under the advice from Revo I removed it after just a few hours since they don't recommend it being present with a mapping. So, here it is being passed up to you guy's. I paid £53 for it, so any offers would be considered. Its all wrapped up again and comes with 3 new longer bolts.....its a 5 min job, if that ! Call Steve on 07735521191 View the product here! :D
  11. ED30 REVO at Edition 38

    ok well I'll gt some more saving going on and get back to you then Ben. Cambridge VW have to keep her one more night so I'll be running the data logs tomorrow now. Aparently the oil sensor info has to be sent to the factory before they can go ahead and change it......they are also sticking in a new door lock ! thank god for warranties eh. VW have had my car with the revo map on longer than I have, they best not be doing test drives in it !
  12. ED30 REVO at Edition 38

    Cheers Shark, are the fronts 4 or 6 pot? red calipers? Car is in Vindis Cambridge at the moment having the oil sensor replaced, and probably being test driven by the engineers !
  13. ED30 REVO at Edition 38

    also, my budget is somewhat dwindeling so with regard to brakes, what do you suggest.....from what I can see I am not going to get change from 2k plus for 6 pots and all the bits..... anything I can do cheaper? i.e. change brake lines to the flexi ones, change pads etc?:confused: