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  1. New car ordered

    The BMW 135i was also on my I know where you are coming from...In fact the 135 is the only BMW in the current line up which appeals to me....In the end the itch to buy a big V8 was too the ridiculously large discounts now available on big petrol engines somewhat sealed the deal...basically it was now or never...As much as I love the XFR I think it will be the last large saloon type car I buy...small and nimble, with a bit of umph will be my main priority when the time comes to look for a new car.
  2. New car ordered

    Yep...I still have very fond memories of my Mk1 Toyota MR2(1988) 125bhp...cracking little car...Sad as this sounds when it rained I use to look for deserted round abouts to drift the rear end the dead of night of course...Never for one second did I ever worry about loosing the rear end...I was a novice driver at the time but the oversteer was easilly controlled on the throttle even for numpties like myself
  3. New car ordered

    Congratulations Biscuits...nothing quite like the sound of the V8 rumble...Totally pointless in this day and age of course but I'v had absolutely no regrets since picking up my XFR...unlike many other cars I'v bought!!
  4. New Car Jaguar XFR

    Hi Guys...I picked up the new motor last Saturday...Well, what can I say apart from fecking awesome...The biggest suprise so far has been how refined the car is in normal real world driving. Obviously I`v been taking it easy but the sheer grunt from the super-charged engine is nothing short of addictive. I know I`v joked with Mr Me in the past about the build quality of the current Jags but this one feels like it`s been hewn out of granit. I thought my last XF was screwed together pretty well but this one is a cut above any previous car I`v owned....Anyway here are a few photo`s...Sadly they are not the greatest in the world and I really struggled the capture the correct hue of Italian Racing looks far better in the flesh and my photo`s don`t do it justice.
  5. New Car Jaguar XFR

    Hi CarMad...not sure what your driving at the moment but I assume it may be a 3.0tdi...I`am not going to diss 3.0d engines because in the real world they make perfect sense..Stunning performance ,bloomin refined and more than decent economy...But I just feel they lack the all important character of petrol engines...I never set out to buy a 3.0d powered car 3yrs ago...I was looking at 330/335i and after testing a 330i the dealer suggested a 330d...never one to say no I took it out for a spin and was impressed by the refinement and performance...I then tested an A5 3.0tdi and the XF...and the rest is history as they say. Apart from my tight fisted Brother everyone thinks is bloomin fantastic that I`v gone with my heart and bought a mad V8...and although I`v been sensible with my cash over the years; as you get older it does start to dawn on you that the grim reaper can strike at anytime...and as they say you only live once and you can`t take your hard earned £££ with you. I know:grin:...after buying the XF I was offered a subsidised Jaguar Track day experience at Rockingham where we drove all the current models...I was hooked by the V8 and decided there and then I`d get one; although I never expected to be a position to buy a new XFR..Infact I was so hooked I booked myself on another track day at Oulton Park....If there had not been the £10k support(discount) from Jaguar+ £7.7k dealer discount I would probably have waited until the new 4 series hit the streets...I`d have probably tested a S5 as well. I`am sure you guys are aware of this but all the manufacturers have some crackin deals at the moment...sadly no doubt due to the Euro crisis and the general World economic climate.
  6. New Car Jaguar XFR

    Cheers guys...I`am really looking forward to picking up the new motor and despite it being a heart over head decision I`v never felt more at ease with a new car purchase than I have with this one....I still browse TSN and in many respects the new Jag forum is similar to this one....We have a very active core group of members, most of whom have owned a variety of motors over the years...and many members are active modders...In fact although it`s a Jag forum any subject and car is fair game for discussion...We are small in number(309 members) but the forum is more active than the other UK based Jag sites....I post under the name Shellsbluebikini. Jaginfo - Jaguar XF Forum I`ll definitely post some pics when the new motor arrives+++
  7. New Car Jaguar XFR

    Hi guys...I know I don`t post here that often now...mainly due to getting involved with a new start up Jaguar forum after I was banned from the last one!!!...To cut a long story short I decided to treat myself to a new motor for my 50th Birthday...My intention was to look for a used XFR ,although BMW 335i /Audi S5 and M3`s were also on my short list..But my heart was set on a V8 because I wanted to own one before they were banned. Anyway; I received an unexpected e-mail from a dealer a few weeks ago to inform me about a "Jaguar Support"(re-discount) offer on the R models....I jokingly replied that if they could put me in a new XFR for less than 50k then I`d think about it....and blow me they did just that...I wont go into the full details but the customer support offer from Jaguar was 10k and after a bit a haggling a dealer discount ensured the otr price came it at less than 50k....I know it`s a massive heart over head decision but my annual mileage is now less than 10k p/a and when push comes to shove I can afford the running costs...The expected delivery date is early April and I`ll post some pics when the new baby is delivered Final Spec XFR 5.0 supercharged Italian Racing Red Silver Draco Wheels Warm Charcoal Seats/Warm Charcoal Fascia with Ivory Contrast Stitching Park Camera Jet Premium Headlining Piano Black Veneer
  8. Your Car/Motoring plans for 2013 ?

    Just thank the Lord there are still real coppers on the road who`ll give you the benefit of the doubt when they know your license is at risk....10+yrs ago I was stopped doing 60mph in a 40mph zone(rural..and a straight road)...The traffic cop wanted to know how many pt`s..if any, I had on my license...he did check by the way...and iirc I had 3pt`s(I think) so he issued a ticket but he did tell me if I`d had 9pt`s he would have let me off with a warning.
  9. I want a car that depreciates hard!!

    Speaking of which...Booster still has`t updated his avatar pic.
  10. 2013 BMW 4 Series F32 Coupe

    I really like it...looks fab...In side profile there`s a hint of the Mk2 Audi TT in the design
  11. Valuation Please

    There always are
  12. What apps ?

    Another vote for Starwalk
  13. How bad can a virus be?

  14. New motor: 640d Gran Coupe

    I thought you were getting the Coupe as well...Looks bloomin stunning..Enjoy...and don`t forget the Winter rubber!!
  15. Quattro to RWD

    Yep....Their one and only plus point is when your deciding on the spec of a new car...especially some of the German marquee`s...with their million and one options choices....One make forums and their members can be quite helpfull when deciding on which options are a must...or a waste of money. Back on topic...despite the on going debate about winter tyres...I was delighted to get back behind the wheel of a rwd car after 5yrs in the fwd wilderness...I`am certainly no budding racing driver...but there`s something rather special about being pushed down the road via the rear wheels rather than being pulled by the fronts....and if I`am honest I can only see myself getting another rwd car when the time comes to change. I know the XF and Jaguar are a bit like marmite to some...But it`s probably the first car I`v owned that could see me break the habit of a life time and buy the same car twice....Due to my relatively low mileage(11k p/a) I`am seriously considering a used XFR...or a nearly new 3.0 super-charged XF when the time comes to change....I`ll probably check out a 330/335i coupe as well....I`v read the ride has improved somewhat since I tested one a couple of years ago...I absolutely hated the Run-flats/M-sport suspension combo...and internet searches hinted the SE suspension set up was`t that much better.