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  1. Hi, I need a little advice on the following: I have an Oct 2008 registered VW Tiguan SE TDI 140PS Auto in metallic grey, its only done 12,000 miles. It is fantastic condition. It has full leather, cruise control and a multi functionally steering wheel, these where extras. I got this car through the motability scheme where you get free insurance, tax, replacement types and RAC cover etc. You lose the getting around part of your benefit each month for 3 years (36 payments) - I am sure most know how it works. This is what I have paid over the last three years: Deposit £6,352.00p Extras £1,771.75p 3 Yrs Mobility payments £7,105.20p TOTAL £15,228.95p I wanted to know this: 1. What kind of money do you think motability will ask for me to buy the car? 2. What kind of money would this specification of Tiguan fetch? See I was thinking of buying it if the price was right but I have little idea of what the cost will be? If you need to know anything further to help with answering these questions please contact me. I have tried looking online but have had no joy! Thanks in advance, Ade.
  2. Hi there, Need a bit of help with this? Does anyone know if the iphone will connect ok via bluetooth with the dealer fitted car kit? I am think of having this fitted and wanted to know if anyone had linked it with the iphone? I read somewhere that the iphone is NOT good at connecting with built in dealer fitted car kits? Anyone done this? Also what kind of money should i be paying for this to be fitted? I already have the right kind of radio system and the stering wheel has all the controls etc on it for answering / ending calls? The mics are also fitted up by the rear veiw mirror? Your thoughts please? Many thanks in advance, Ade.
  3. Hi there, I need some help / advise with the following... I have a VW Tiguan 2.0ltr TDI Auto and want to know the best speed to do to get the best MPG? I did this test the other day and just wanted to know what you guys thought? I drove from North Wales to Manchester, the route was very flat and I used my cruise control most of the time set at 60mph. I took this route....A487, A55, M53 and M56. The average MPG on my computer hit 47.5 mpg.....Is this good? What is the best speed to do to get the most MPG out of my car? Please can anyone help / advise? Cheers for now. Ade.