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  1. Hello does anyone know if servotronic was an option on the 2002 S6 avant , my wife's has recently felt a bit stiff in the steering so i decided to check it through .According to Elsawin its controlled by unit J236 in position 13 of the relay box under the drivers side lower dash panel , i don't think the lower dash panel has ever been off . I was surprised to find no relay and no wires to postion 13 fitted by the factory . I thought the servotronic was standard ? or was delete an option ? Thanks

  2. We could fix that, by either removing the immobiliser from the engine ECU (by post if you prefer) or by coding the clocks in properly if you preferred.

    That would be brilliant, the replacement used dash and the ecu are supposed to be back with me tomorrow from a tuner who said they could recode the dash ( preferred option ) but now say they can't as it encrypted ? Or just remove the immoboliser from the ecu , where do I send them and whats the approximate cost please , I can post you the clocks old and replacement and the ecu , thanks again .

  3. Wonder if anyone can help point me in the right direction of a specialist or even the correct software . I have VCDS which isn't any use apparently .

    To cut a long story short the convertible suffered a massive electrical spike due to a Fred in a shed . This damaged a number of controllers and modules all of which are now sorted except the dash cluster . After an extensive search of breakers finally got the exact part number , however on attempting to start the ECU doesn't recognize the dash and wont allow engine start.(engine start blocked by immobilizer) A specialist tuner said they could get the pin from the ecu and program the dash but now they say they cant :( . The original dash is useless and has lost information according to the repair specialist it was originally sent to. I have seen loads of tools that apparently remove the immobilizer function via the OBD port anyone any experience of these ? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  4. Hi Wonder if anyone can help lost the service history on my A6 but audi newcastle can only supply a duplicate however the past service history (according to them) has to be stamped by the individual dealers . I have the dealer numbers but no ideas who they are

    They are 726

    720 (franklin audi leeds) supplied it new



    Any idea how to identify them ?


  5. Hello, just been to view an s8 for a friend 52 plate with 140k on clock in nice condition inside and out but on starting there was a lot of tappet noise infact the tappet noise did not go way but was constant the whole time we viewed the car . The seller claims it only started a couple of days ago and did not notice it prior to an oil change again only few days ago (he has had car 2 months on his forecourt ) . any ideas ? Thanks

  6. Thanks to all who replied and Ian and Dave at A8 parts . Audi Newcastle by the time i tried to stop the order already had them still, they were good enough to arrange some discount on service items to cover the costs . they do not contain any fluid and do not seem to have purpose but hey they are nice and new now ! :ffs:

  7. Hello Just had an pre MOT inspection on 96 4.2 Q , The tester commented that the Front brake "link " pipes on the back of the caliper were Rusty . I thought this would be just an easy make a couple of new pipes , however they appear to be just a return which has some sort of "banjo " bolt not proper ends . Thus i ordered from Audi Newcastle , the parts guy rang back yesterday (week after order and payment but still on 2 week back order) and said these brake pipes we have ordered i am not sure they are brake pipes ! :mad:

    I think the car has the Lucas caliper anyone any ideas ?

    Thanks in anticipation