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  1. New To A4 Ownership :)

    Hi Hi all I have recently brought an 2000 A4 avant 1.8T sport Quattro for the Mrs. as the A8 is just becoming silly to run as most of her trips are short stop start affairs!! I'm really happy..in fact really really happy with it, its far far quicker than i expected and it handles superbly!! runs on the smell of an oily rag. and was uber cheap!! but (as always there's a but) it has a few niggles which i need to sort out! 1, the fuel gauge doesn't work, if it has less than half a tank in the car the needle drops to zero..has any one on here done a DIY fuel sender replacement? 2, the radio is temperamental, i want to change it, can i just swap it with another stereo as i wouldn't mind getting stereo with that i can run my iPod through? 3. getting a remap, what is it going to cost and who is reputable in the south east? Apart from those two issues it a fantastic car! Thanks C
  2. Hi any one got any idea how much a new clutch(fitted) would cost on a A4 B5 2.8 Q. I have spoken to two mechanics and they wouldnt touch it because aparently they are a pig to do. Thanks
  3. how much do S8 recaro seats weigh?

    are you building an S8 track toy?
  4. Will these wheels fit?

    Hi there, I had the exact same wheels you have on your car and I brought some 19’’ MTM rep’s which were cool but did not like the look of them on, and luckily AP found me some S8 face lift wheels to go on my car and as he said it took year off it! S8 fl wheels are the way to go!
  5. Bizarre private plates

    On the way to MotoX a few years ago we saw 645 with the plate K1 JNT...the 1 and J were squashed together!!! we laughed!!
  6. My first A8 mods!

    i dont supose they do those for PF cars....not the chrome or "lights ones"??
  7. Mk3 VR6 Indian red, 5 door, 91k miles, fsh, £650 See ebay ad for more details! 1995 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VR6 RED on eBay (end time 27-Aug-09 13:20:17 BST)
  8. A C*ck up of the highest order!

    did you get the car on time??
  9. Chavin' it up!!!

    Am I a Chav……..????? Last night after too much Mexican and too many coronas (well one!!) Audi partner and I Modified my Air box…..took it out and drilled a few holes in it (as per the drawing my Ads had been supplied with)…and oh my what a difference in noise it made....its perfect…accelerating from low speed up to 60-70 you can really hear it makes the car sound like a proper V8. but no drowning noise while cruising. I was worried that there may be a significant loss in power as the engine would be inhaling hot air, but I could notice any difference at “public road speed” I’m not sure about the winter months but while it is reasonably dry I will keep the “moded” air box but will find an unmolested one for the winter months!
  10. Engine cut out at speed - ideas?

    i think that is ok.... i had a service on a trip9 a few years back and it was £2300....shortly after that i started buying honda's!!!
  11. Engine cut out at speed - ideas?

    I had two guys VAG it and it didnt show up on it...so i sent it to Audi and it cost me £750.....
  12. Engine cut out at speed - ideas?

    Hi I had somthing very similar, but would not restar (however did a few days later) but would cut out after a few minutes http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/audi-a8-s8/119058-i-have-very-sick-a8.html it ended up being the fuel pump....
  13. Miss Scotland

    thats funny mook killer!! I defo would Miss Scoootland...and Miss NI...the other two are bland alan!!!
  14. Hi Ho Hi Ho its of to the "stealers" we go...

    I did have quick look into it and it would of cost me £290 to get the car there, plus cost of fuel pump /labor and getting the train up there to collect it (£60-£70) and would of still had to pay Audi Bromley £160 for diagnostics…next time I will send it up there!!! Thanks for the tip though mucho’s aprriciado!!
  15. Hi Ho Hi Ho its of to the "stealers" we go...

    i got the call at 13:15...........its was only the fule pump..yay....new one to be fitted tommorow for the price of £750 for parts labor and the diagnostic and VAT!! hopfully i get it back tommorow arvo/thursday morning...if you think im exited you should hear the wife...she luuuuuvs that car!! Oh well on the S8 wheels...i just a thought, i want a new set fot the car but not sure what, i have had 19 RS4/MTM's but they didnt float my boat, im thinking maybe a set of RS6's but again not entirely sure...i would really like a set of BBS LM's(cant warrent spening that type of money on wheels and tyres..more than the cars worth!! have found a set of reps with a et of 35...will that fit ok??