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  1. Vandalism: Removing paint

    And with the tin available for taking prints off, I am disgusted with the Police once again!
  2. newbie, advice please.

    I only have an A2 and a Golf to do and have 9 6" pads and 6 4" pads n hand. Admittedly they have been used many times and washed in between, but its always nice to have spare pads, and a necessity to keep specific pads for specific products as who wants cross contamination!?! It sounds like overkill to start with, but it sure saves you time and hassle when you are getting the job done.
  3. mobile choices...opinions needed

    Should have bought an iPhone fella! Its just simple to use in every way, without searching for stuff like you end up on Windows. Sorry, couldn't resist. Hope you enjoy your new phone.
  4. Getting sticker off windscreen

    I have always had a lot of success, with stickers that refuse to come off, by using a Stanley Blade bare. Make sure glass is as clean as possible around it and blade is spotless and brand new. Then hold at a very acute angle almost flush with the screen and gently slide back and forth with little pressure. Be careful or you can potentially scratch the glass. Obviously be very careful with your fingers as I hold no responsibility for anyone who tries this with blatent disregard for self preservation! lol
  5. mobile choices...opinions needed

    Only had the iPhone 3G for 3 days now and already used to the keyboard. No worries syncing as many iPods as you like to iTunes!
  6. mobile choices...opinions needed

    From your description, I think you need to go for the iPhone as that covers all of what you are looking for. Perhaps the camera is not as good as on some phones, but at 2MP it aint that bad tbh. No zoom or anything but then this is a phone and not a camera!?! I got one on Friday and its the best thing I have ever owned tbh!
  7. iPhone Activation!?!

    You have an AIM app so assume you can sign on with MSN to it? Google Mail is no problem either. iPlayer works very well on WiFi but not tried using 3G yet.
  8. iPhone Activation!?!

    I got mine sorted after being out for a couple of hours. Been an Apple kid for 3 years now but this beats the lot so far! Glad yours is sorted too! Posting this from mine strangely enough...
  9. iPhone Activation!?!

    Gutted for you fella! Dont know what's worse, having a brand new iPhone for the first time and not being able to use it, or knowing how good they are and upgrading and not being able to use it!?! Fingers crossed for you though!
  10. iPhone Activation!?!

    Anybody else happen to pick up an iPhone 3G today and not be able activate the darn thing yet!?!
  11. QD+....A love hate thing!

    I second that! With the introduction of the new 3.0 Polishes, I very rarely stray away from the Wolfgang stable nowadays! I have no affiliation with them though...and other products are available...lol
  12. New Wolfgang Products...

    Fair point. Perhaps I will give that one a miss then! ;-)
  13. New Wolfgang Products...

    It is known to be due to the tape from factory to dealer and is a definite line exactly the width specified. Could this still be oxidised plastic that was brought on prematurely by something in the adhesive? Might well give some WG Pre Wax a go on it when over there next then, or possibly some APC? I did actually try some of the concentrated cleaner, that comes with the Forever Black bumper dye, and it did not change a bit. Knew it would be an issue so did not try anything due to time but might actually surf around a bit and see what others have done on the PT forums maybe? Cheers for the ideas though Geoff!
  14. Quick and simple polish of my Skoda...

    Nice work fella. This forum is not only for those with expensive rides remember and it s always nice to see pics form someone proud of their work too! I agree with Geoff, Single Stage paint can actually be polished better than clearcoat with the right products, and that is why most American Hot Rod's are done with this type of paint!
  15. New Wolfgang Products...

    Cheers Guys! Did not make too much effort on the photo's as was crackered after a solid 3 days on it, and now glad as they would have come out rubbish anyway it seems!?! The colour is a good few shades darker than it appears on the pic. I think this is due to the lack of light and the camera trying to compensate for the exposure. I have to say, I thought there was far too much chrome on it prior to doing the work, as the colour had gone almost pinky and did not work well together. Since doing it, I have changed my mind as the deep red really sets off the chrome now. With regards top products used on the chrome...well nothing was used on it actually! It was washed a few times over the weekend and it continued to look great despite a few water marks. The front grill could do with a little attention if I am honest but, like the rest of the chrome work, it is plastic so was not 100% sure on what to tackle it with in order not to damage it? So in the end we cleaned it up and then used the WG Sealant over the whole lot, including the glass and the side chrome trim. It really has added the gloss that was needed tbh, and meant that we could avoid any damage and leave it with protection too. The bumpers actually look a lot better than they really are though. We did not put anything on them, as they are suffering from a problem that most early Cruisers had and he is going to get them painted anyway so did not waste any time. The problem is that it has an inch wide almost white stripe along the edge joining the car where the protective coat on car was adhered to. Was unnoticeable when buyers picked them up but after a year they had weathered about tenfold more than the rest of the bumper and looks awful. A common problem with them apparently! Any ideas on what to try appreciated, as he has done the lot including some of the Forever Black treatment which is a pigment dye too! Have heard that AutoGlym used to do a nifty black bumper paint but never seen it anywhere!?! He is busy for the next week or so, but I will post up again once we have washed it and maybe applied some of the Fuzion, although it does look awesome as it stands. Will use my own camera and take loads of pics too.