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  1. I'm looking for an A5 coupe but my budget limits me to high milers. Keighley Sports & Performance cars have a couple on autotrader but there's some bad reviews out there about them! Although, the reviews I've found are dated & relate to Jap cars. Does anyone have any recent experience of buying an Audi from them? Also, any advice on buying a high miler will be appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi, anyone know if the glove box cd changer in my B6 A4 cab will fit any later model A4? I'm looking to change my car & wondered if I can transfer the changer if needed. cheers
  3. I have a 2008 disc so that should be OK. I can feel a little trip to the Lake District coming on after work tomorrow :D. Thanks again
  4. ok, finally got round to the wiring job. Found the TMC module in boot & joined can high to high, low to low plus joined the aerial plugs together. Sorted the wiring behind the rns e but am still getting no TMC i.e the TMC symbol with a line through. Any help welcome & apologies if it's already been covered but I can't find reference to this. Cheers, Marko.
  5. quality guess I'll have to move my fat ass & get the can stuff sorted. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi, I just installed an RNS E unit in my 2002 A4 B6 cab. Still to get round to sorting the can bus & TMC wiring but the thing that's bothering me at the momentvis that it keeps powering off at 30 minute intervals. Anyone know what that's all about? :confused: Marko
  7. A4 B6 cab headlights

    Hi, not sure about availability of aftermarket lights but I do know that if you remove the headlight there is a lever inside for adjusting the beam for either LHD or RHD. You could try the lever in the opposite setting to what it is now & see if that solves your problem. Good luck!
  8. A4 Cab roof storage lever broken

    Hi & welcome! I did this with my lever last year! You can buy just the handle from the dealer for less than £20. It's simple to fit & you don't need to remove all the trim. When you see the new handle you should be able to see where the toggle on the end of the cable fits into it. Hope this helps. Marko
  9. A4 Nav plus front speaker problem

    Thanks for that I'll give it a look over later.
  10. A4 Nav plus front speaker problem

    okee dokee, do you know where I will find the correct code for a non bose radio so I can check it with the vag com?
  11. A4 Nav plus front speaker problem

    Hi, it's the RNS-D! Not BOSE.
  12. I changed the Nav plus head unit in my A4 cabrio earlier this year as the original developed a cd reader problem. The replacement was a used part from an A4 saloon which was sold as fully functional but I can't get the front speakers to work. Does anyone have any idea if it may just be a coding tweak needed in vag com & if so what it is?!! cheers.
  13. rear window A4 cabrio

    Hi, I have a 2002 A4 cabrio - anyone have any experience of the rear window becoming detached from the hood? Can it be 'glued' () back in place?
  14. vag com or no vag com?

    Thanks all for the info. I have the dealer workshop manual so will be able to interpret any fault codes, then it will depend on the size of the job whether I do it myself. I'm driving to Greece next January to spend a year there & thought that vag com may be useful. The Sat Nav issue revolves around the fact that the technology is 6 years old although the maps are up to date. Now I'll have to weigh up the pro's & cons of RNS-E vs Tomtom