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  1. remaping an audi a6 1.9 tdi

    is it an afn engine? what year is it? ccc tech did mine, guy called simon coe, he'll come to you at work or home, mine was 275 quid, figures are below, way better mpg too, see 65 average every day :roflmao:only har think with autos is live map cos they cant do full range of revs as it changes gear early instead of redline.
  2. The 50 mpg club

    i get 65 ish every day on the journey home 'stafford to ironbridge' 60 on the way cos of less traffic, if i nail it a bit i still see 50+ best ive seen while followinga truck most of the way home is 79.9 average, did have a photo somewhere? only got the 67.9 proof, can i join the club? :roflmao:all figures average (not instant) according to vw trip. i run it on v power
  3. Remapping 130 1.9 TDI Sport Passat

    i'd reccomend upsolute chip from ccc tech if he does your area, had mine done in june last year, still does 65mpg on run home (30 miles of a roads) but had it rolling roaded at the weekend, my car 1999 passat afn engine 110hp rolling road result 158hp (they quote 143hp) 255lb ft of torque 4 seconds off the quoted 60 time and a graph (jpeg) and video to prove it:p