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  1. Hi there, So I am going to swallow the bullet and service my mk 5 golf gti with VW. What should I expect to service on my car as it has currently done 18500 miles. 1 dealer said oil and oil filter and the plugs done need changing until 60k miles. another dealer said oil, oil filter and pollen. obviuodly the more i do, the more expensive it is. cheers.
  2. My partner owned a polo gti for years and we always serviced it, at the garage I am talking about. Their system is linked to the VW databse for instance if you give them your chasis number they are able to identify your car. I don't mind paying an extra £50 if vw do the same thing as what the garge does. vw said it will cost me £223 to service my car and I get the oil filter change and oil filter and the rest is checking the car over which is a rip off. the garage will charge me £180 for changing oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter and pollen filter and more. VW are a rip off and it was because of my partner's previous experience with VW when she had the polo that put me off main dealers. they havent got a clue what they are doing.
  3. Hi there, I have a golf Mark 5 GTI and its under warranty until next year. I have received a quote for the service and they are quoting £223 including VAT for not that much really - oil filter, oil change, tyre check, levels check and diagnostics (rubbish) I asked about spark plugs and they said there is no need to change these until the car has done 60,000 miles. My current mileage is 18,000 I have a garage my missus and I used to use when she had her polo gti who are approved by VW and according to the garage everything will be put on the system and I know for a fact the book will be stamped. They are quoting £180 including VAT for much more which includes oil filter, spark plugs, pollen and much more. anyone ever used an approved garage while under warranty?
  4. Hi guys, I have a mark 5 golf gti and looking for an amplified subwoofer. Any advice on the best one to get. I definitely know the MFD3 has a preout I believe so it should be fairly straight forward. How I wish Golf gti's had bose speakers. Cheers
  5. Remapping Golf Gti

    nice one. thanks.
  6. Remapping Golf Gti

    Silly question,, but where do you plug the diagnostic device. Mark 5 Golf GTI..
  7. Remapping Golf Gti

    Well I have finally ordered a device from Bluefin in order to remap my golf gti (standard). Has anyone had any problems reverting back to the standard settings because I got warranty which ends next year. cheers
  8. Just wondering whether anyone has driven an s3 and a rempped standard golf gti? Even though the s3 is a bit more bhp (265) compared to the remapped golf gti (250), I was wondering whether there is a big difference in terms of performance? I suppose the reason why I am asking is that the missus has got an s3 and I love the performance of that and I obviously have a dsg standard golf gti. Your opinions will be appreciated. Regards
  9. HI There, I have a mark v golf and I have the mfd2. I have a cd changer in the arm rest and I was wondering whether anyone knows who can fit the ipod connector (glove box) for me? I notice the ipod connector can be bought for £70 on ebay and that the vw factory one. Cheers.
  10. Esp off

    Hi There, I was wondering whether anyone drives their golf gti without the esp off. Any advantages and disadvantages of having this off? Cheers
  11. I am gutted!

    Hi Dooley, If you still need help let me know as I have just repaired my polo gti (2000) and it cost about £1000 including VAT and a recon gearbox as well as a new clutch kit and it drives like a dream. It's actually for sale.
  12. Remapping Golf Gti

    Just had a look at the REVO master sit and the nearest remapping centre is fontain and it looks like fontain do revo then.