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  1. All cleaned and ready to go

    Those arty fart reflection shots are intended to best demonstrate the reflection
  2. All cleaned and ready to go

    Rachel - you've lost me with your comment?
  3. All cleaned and ready to go

    Mine and the wife's car cleaned and ready to go. Clay Cloth from The Clay Cloth Company and Collinite 915
  4. What cleaning products do you use most?

    Interesting to see how many different products people use and some I have not heard of. Thanks
  5. What cleaning products do you use most?

    CarMad, as mentioned above, looked fine on mobile and now looked on PC I see your point!
  6. What cleaning products do you use most?

    Just after people's views thats all. My signature picture was done on my phone and didn't realise it was so big! I have removed it now.
  7. What cleaning products do you use most?

    Thanks CarMad
  8. I recently started a website selling Car Care Products. The shop is very small at present and want to increase choice. As the title suggests, what do you use most of so I can stock stuff that people would buy?
  9. For Sale 2006 R32 3dr DSG Shadow Blue

    SOLD - Sold me beloved R32 today.
  10. Editing Ad?

    Thanks Daz - appreciated
  11. Editing Ad?

    Well that hasnt worked either!
  12. Editing Ad?

    Thanks - I had sent a private message to three of them on this area with no luck. I will try the triangle trick. Many thanks
  13. Editing Ad?

    Is anyone able to tell me how I can edit my ad, as there is no option available? Thanks
  14. After 26 years in the Armed Forces, my time has come to an end and now need to sell my car for something more economical, against my better wishes. It has a huge spec with all the standard features, including: RNS 510 with Video in Motion Heated Cloth Seats Cruise Control Bluetooth 10 Speakers Larger Paddle Shift LED Side Lights 'R' Caliper Retainers Winter Pack Auto coming home lights VW Cloth and Rubber mats, front and back VW Service History 6 months Tax 12 months MOT DSG Oil and Filter Change Haldex Oil and Filter Change Engine Oil and filter Change Vredestein Tyres 82k Miles Stunning example in a rare colour £9450