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  1. Xenons

    you can upload xenon dont worry but in low lights not high bec if u put low and high xenon ur power supply will not bear this :S so if u wanna xenon put in low light only ... and i say this because i did it before
  2. hi all .. i own a golf 5 (model 2005) 1.6 ok when i reach 50000km the gear starts to jerk in low gears and now when i reach 80000km this jerk increased sooooooooo much :S so i increase oil for this gear and nothing changed at all :S so if any body know a solution for this disaster plzzz tell me because some people tell me that i have to get a new gear :S:S and this is a real **** .. so plz if one have an answer for this problem tell me ..... thx all
  3. problem with Golf 5 GTI DSG gear box

    i have this problem but i have golf 5 1.6 model 2005 with regular gear box !! so does any body know any solution for this problem ? first when my car make 50.000km this problem starts to appear then my car makes now 80000km and this damn jerking increased so plzzz if any body know any solution for this tell me .....