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  1. News - BMW M1 could be go for 2008 launch.

    Sorry, but if they make it in US spec then I want one.
  2. MK4 Rear Wiper Mod

    Sure thing, just be sure to double check as those numbers are from like, 2002 or so AND the ones I used on my LHD A3
  3. MK4 Rear Wiper Mod

    [ QUOTE ] Bloody hell, Drillslinger, where've you been..? [/ QUOTE ] Well dude, I had to move to the US...(Tried to fight it but Uncle Sam can be a stubborn bastard when he wants to be ) So I bought an '06 Cooper S, sold the TQ, and now am living in the buckle of the Bible-Belt Between the time difference, the lack of an Audi and the depression that sets in whenever I think of that Turbo-Charged Haldex-goodness that was my TQ... I've just haven't been on much I still lurk, just usually don't have much to say (scary thought, innit? )
  4. MK4 Rear Wiper Mod

    I had the Polo arm with the Touran blade on my A3 and it worked wonderfully German part numbers/prices (From a few years back): New Polo/Golf V Rear wiper, Arm: 6Q6 955707 A €11.61 Cap: 6Q6 955435 A €1.27 Polo/Golf V Blade (est. 14"length): 6Q6 955425 A €6.44 Touran Blade (est. 15-16" length): 7E0 955425 €6.44 You can read more HERE HTH
  5. Tyres for Cooper S

    I've still got the Pirelli run-flats on DB, but I had the Eagle's on the A3 and they were Can you get the Goodyear's in the right size? I thought you had to go to 215 width??
  6. Post a pic of your car

    Thanks They're pretty popular with the MINI folks, but I couldn't go with the std options so the guy made me the German Flag ones
  7. Post a pic of your car

    Past: () Present:
  8. It'll fit...

    Apparently they'll give a license to ANYONE
  9. New Cooper S (turbo model)

    THAT looks sweet dude
  10. Nurburgring - May 26th

    Bastards, all of you!!
  11. S3 Sportback

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Mentions the S3 Sportback being considered for the US market. [/ QUOTE ] So they can get two people in [/ QUOTE ] At ease you 2 you could easily fit 3 of me in a Sportback
  12. My New Car

    I'm just giving you a hard time (like you gave ME ). To be honest, DB (Drill Bit, our MINI ) is actually more fun to drive than the A3 was (and we all know how much I loved (and miss) the TQ )
  13. My New Car

    [ QUOTE ] Nice one Sam. MUST get it chipped though to give it the torque and power it deserves to haul the stupidly tall gearing. Ian [/ QUOTE ] The Cooper S doesn't get much from a chip unfortunately (5-10 bhp) but you can get a smaller diameter S/C Pulley which (at 15% reduction) gives about 20bhp
  14. My New Car

    Nice ride Sam... but,2004, that's no Mini. Remember THIS
  15. Le Mans: Reminiscing with the Buttmonkey Movies

    Wow, those T-Shirts sure look nice