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  1. VW Passat 1.9 TDi (T reg 1999) problems

    Just a quick update. I have had the pollen filter, tamperature gauge and blower motor replaced. There was water build up behind the battery so the whole blower motor mechanism had to be replaced. The car was under warranty so it was at minimum expense to myself. My mechanic told me that apparantly this is a common problem. Thank you everyone for your help/replies.
  2. VW Passat 1.9 TDi (T reg 1999) problems

    thanks for the reply cruiser647. i will investigate and report back the findings. in the meantime, if someone can upload pictures about what cruiser647 is referring to then that will be grand. just another question, i have been hearing something about brushes need changing (for the climatronic). what is that all about?
  3. i was wondering if someone could please help me with a few problems that i am having with my passat. first, the climatronic system seems to work when it feels like it. when i start the engine the display shows every digit and flashes. After 10-20 seconds it returs to normal. this does not happen all the time. also, at times it blows out air (hot or cold) when it feels like it. also, how do i set the demister settings on the thing? second, the temperature gauge (needle) also works when it feels like it. the majority of the time it does not move at all. i drove from birmingham to manchester yesterday and the needle did not move at all. also, what pressure should i have the tyres at? the car has vw alloys if that makes any sort of difference. i have been told conflicting numbers. if someone could shed some light, i would really appreciate it. am i looking at hefty bills? thanks in advance.
  4. vw golf mark 4 problems

    benjie, sorry for not posting back sooner. i found a friend of a friend to run diagnostics on the car. the part at fault was the maf sensor, as suggested. the fella 'rebooted' it and told me this should fix the problem. hopefully that was all that was needed. i will post back with an update. thank you for your help though.
  5. vw golf mark 4 problems

    benjie, i have not had a chance to sort out the issues with the car, but hopefully will do this weekend. i just had a quick question. the accelleration of the car is really good, no problems to be honest. but as stated before the mpg return is poor. does the maf sensor still need replacing, or could it be something else?
  6. vw golf mark 4 problems

    thank you for your help. i will try the above and post back.
  7. vw golf mark 4 problems

    hi all, i have just joined this great forum! i have a few questions if someone could be so kind to help me out. i have bought a vw golf mk4 1.9 tdi se 90 (x reg, 2000). it is a great drive but has a few problems: the car is meant to be doing 54 mpg, but it only does around 42-5. why is this? there is condensation on the inside of the windscreen, how do i eliminate this problem? what has caused this problem? i want to fit a sat nav (tom tom) in the car. who should i use, and what would be the cost? the cigarette lighter is not working properly. i have dismantled it and i have to keep the item connected 'pressed' in for it to charge/work, why is this? the cloth on the gearstick is worn and i want to replace it. how would i do this? where is the best place to get the cloth? i have fitted my own stereo in, and now there is a gap. where can i get a 'storage cubby holder' from? thank you for your help in advance.