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  1. Ipod / USB Interface (No Sound) Help!

    How old your Ipod / Iphone? Apple in inifite wisdom changed the pin arrangement a while back - not sure of dates - therefore not all info gets transmitted. Needless to say they neglected to let BMW know until customers started complaining.... On a simpler view, have you checked everything is plugged in properly??
  2. 330d xdrive?

    Simple economics. BMW tried the E34 five series with 4wd in the UK from 1991 to 1995. Absolute sales disaster. Can possibly see the cars moving better this year and next whilst we all remember the embarassment of not being able to get your pride and joy out of the pub car park or back onto the driveway. However give it two to three years of "normal" winters and no one will put the exra money in at the front end or carry the running costs of a 4x4 system when the car looks identical... Meantimes, type approval for the 4wd will cost millions and take at least five years to ammortise across the sales involved.
  3. NEw iDrive / Multimedia

    Mollox is correct - Sept 2008 build - need to keep an eye out for cars built before that date and registered after. Easy spot is if the car is a facelift model E90/E91. New lights front and rear being the obvious indicator(pardon the pun). Well worth having. Hard Drive on the Pro Nav and better usability on the Business Nav. The Hard Drive has a music library facility and can also run DVD. Watch out for cars with Business Nav, do not have any of the Hard Drive facilities.