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  1. TVR will not start need help bad !

    Yes there is a key like that ! is there , can you point me to the right way to start it ? after i have installed the new batterie and rested the security systems ?
  2. TVR will not start need help bad !

    Thanks for the reply guys.... I am located in the hottest boring country in the world Saudi Arabia , I guess i am the only TVR over here and there is no dealer in the middle east and no cars like it . I tried some thing today and it kinda almost started ! I disconnected the security sistem and plug it back again the fuse number m36 it looks like a black small box . the car now cranks but does not start, it didn't even crank befor i did that ! the car only has 6000 km. it's kinda new ! I checded everything twice. I think it's i stupid thing that i didn't notice ? any suggestions ?
  3. TVR will not start need help bad !

    Hello i Owen a TVR Tuscan S. I didn't start it for a year or so. I swapped the battery for a new one every thing is in a tidy condition, all the oils are checked the car used to work and drive before i parked it. The lights and ac and radio works but the car will not start , i took it for a Ferrari mechanic he told there is some thing with the security of the car ? he couldn't fix it ? Is there is a way to restart it or to fix the security of the car ??? Thanks