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  1. 35d engines

    Does anyone know the difference between the 2005 272 bhp 535d engine, the 2006 286bhp 335d engine and the 2008 X5 SD 286bhp engine?
  2. S3 Navigation

    I am swapping the 335d for an S3 Sportback Stronic and wonder if anyone has any experience of the BMW navigation professional compared to the Audi system in the S3? Do you think navigation is needed on this car for resale sake? Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. My final order! 8P S3 facelift

    Nice spec. 3 or 5 door?
  4. X5 3.0d Sport 2003

    My wife has owned this car from new in April 2003, black saphire metallic, black heated leather, premium hifi (no navigation as my TomTom is better!), sunroof, privacy windows, removable tow bar, zenon lights, bluetooth phone kit, Ipod kit, 6 disc cd, side running boards, always serviced at Sytner, taxed and MOT'd. DMS remapped from 189bhp to 231bhp. Brilliant condition, only selling due to new X5sd coming. 52,000 miles. £16,750 ono. Pm me. NOW SOLD
  5. Owned by me from new november 2006 (56 reg), totally unmarked. Sparkling graphite, black heated leather, sunroof, zenon lights, prof nav and bluetooth phone, ipod kit, sunroof, electric seats, pdc, hi fi speaker system, through load, lumbar support, rear spolier. New rear tyres. Sytner supplied. Balance of BMW warranty left until November 2009. 18,000 miles. £27,500 ono. PM me. Pictures on Pistonheads and Autotrader.
  6. Vinyl window Cleaning

    I have a soft top hood with clear vinyl windows which seem to have what look slike hairspray but feels like silicone spray on it but I dont want to damage the window. Anyone know what to use?
  7. London Hotels

    Can anyone recommend a really nice hotel in London near to theatres/shopping for my wife and I?
  8. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    My dealer fitted the Ipod kit to my glovebox at the dealership and it is controllable vai i drive and all track names and artists come up on the screen.
  9. X5 D or SD M Sport

    Can anyone on here get any discount on these and I am looking to order one?
  10. Blackline Rear Lights?

    ...and fit them yourselves...very easy to do as I have done them on mine.
  11. 335D M Sport Touring

    What wheels are on it?
  12. It's ordered

    You miss the point. I had a remapped S3 before and an R32 so i know the differences in the engine. I am saying that the TTC doesnt suit me as an overall package (not the engine) but the S3 would. I loved the car but as a toy not my every day car. Roll on the Stronic S3.
  13. It's ordered

    Tried a TTC 3.2 DSG this weekend to get an idea of what the TTS would be like and although it is a great car, it cant match the remapped 335d as an overall package I'm afraid......
  14. It's ordered

    Only stumbling block for me and the remap will be the S-Tronic box I suppose....
  15. It's ordered

    I agree, I love my 335d but for me I have always missed the 4wd and all weather traction I had in the s3's and R32 and more sensation of speed would be great. I have fond memories of my old remapped s3's and will remember this 335d as a very fast car but a little clinical if you know what i mean.