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  1. 3 quick questions on interior!

    1. Always found that lubricating the door seals with some silicone grease does the trick 2. I have had this one before too cured mine buy driving the headrest motor up whilst applying some down pressure on the headrest not too much just a little load and it seems to pop back into the drive assembly , hey presto !!! 3. Sorry no ideas for this one dont have that on mine , sounds like the sensor tho, its actually in the rear view mirror itself i think:confused: maybe dirty ???? dont know sorry
  2. Europe Headlight Adjustment

    my 1998 d2 has the lever behind the cover you remove to gain access to the bulbs . In between the high beam and dip light reflectors you should see the lever . just pop it up or down
  3. engine noise 4.2 s8

    I have had four 8`s in the past and its always turned out to be noisy injectors for me ,not saying that is the problem but they can sound quite rattly , try listining to them with a long thin screwdriver . i dont seem to remember to many threads on here with cases of tappet problems
  4. oil pump screen

    Hi my oil pump screen has a crack in it and guess what audi dont sell it as a seperate item , tried to remove it to make a repair and its just fallen apart in my hands very brittle Stealers want over £300 for a new oil pump which will include the lower screen , i havent contacted a8 parts yet but would have thought they all would have been as brittle :confused: The one off the V6 looks similar but not 100% sure and thats on a ten day back order anybody got any ideas , have considered making one on a lathe out of alumminium but thats a bit of a last resort for me .
  5. M.O.T and TAX

    The diagnostic port should be just under the drivers side scuttle , left of the bonnet release handle . pre face lift D2s have it under the asytray i think !
  6. bleeding brakes

    Hi is there a function for bleeding brakes on the A8 using the VAG-COM program i seem to remember reading about a fuction which runs the pump. Anyone tried this before
  7. S8 Gasket replacment

    Hi many thanks for the advice attacking it tommorow will let you know . replaced the cam cover gaskets about six months ago will do the secondary sump gasket first hopefully that will cure it Just did not want to go back in there later to find that the front flange gasket was actually leaking too has anybody got some good pics of the breather hose system and what pipes to clean etc
  8. S8 Gasket replacment

    DOh !!!. okay was hoping to be able to drop it without going there never mind front gasket number 18 is on back order anyway looks like i will have to make my own one. I thought i might have been the only one with a leak in this area but it looks like the dude in audi pages has done his one . Noticed in the pictures of the oil cooler removal instructions (last photo) that his had sealent all around the joint of the secondary sump not alone then.....
  9. S8 Gasket replacment

    Hi basically looking at replacing number 8 and 18 due oil leak in this area just wondered if it is possible to drop item 7 without removing the front subframe many thanks
  10. S8 Gasket replacment

    1998 S8 Hi has anyone replaced the secondary sump gasket at the bottom of the engine ? Got a bit of a heavy oil leak to the front and right side of the engine doesnt look like the oil cooler or the oil pump drive seal Have already replased the sump gasket about a month ago but to no avail definantly not coming from the head gasket or cam cover as they are all dry my best guess is either this secondary sump gasket which is held in by allen key bolts all the way round the bottom of the engine or the plate behind the oil pump drive pully held in by counter sunk torx screws Any ideas would be appreciated
  11. S8 failure help

    Well i went out at lunch as she started up first time. I thought it best to take IT_S8 advice and check the plenum chamber for moisture . Excellent idea as mine had a quarter of an inch of water in the bottom sloshing around in it and the lid was just dripping condensation down onto all the electrics . Managed to dry it all out , popped out to TPS parts and treated it to a new lid even though i could not see much wrong with the old one . After putting it all back together she again started up first time , and with no fault codes Test drive went well with no recurrence of the problem lets hope that was a fix !!!!!!! Thanks for all the help and great advice as usual .
  12. S8 failure help

    Hi yeah its a 1998 S8 , did think about that last night as i have had that problem on my previous A8`s did look at it when i first bought the car . Am just about to go out and investigate , will let you know. So throttle potentiometers dont break i did read quite alot last night on the net about problems with these that could also relate to some of my possible clunking and bad changing of the transmission , i know im probably just cluching at straws
  13. My big baby has gone

    What was the mpg like on your S8 just wondering as are considering one myself
  14. S8 failure help

    Yes deleted the codes ,tried a restart still no joy . All codes now gone apart from 18258 powertrain data bus missing message from ecu
  15. Cam Belt Change in South East England

    Hi i was under the impression that you had to use the camshaft locking tools for belt replacment so that the front camshaft pulleys are able to rotate on there tapered shafts during re-tensioning of the new cambelt :confused: this on the V8 buy the way