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  1. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    Hi there x) i wonder if you can help me.i have vag-com but not the Ross tech one.I cannot do the Login to acess the Engine.The Login code 12233 does not work neither 26262, 01283 or 11463. What i would ask you was if someone can tell me the code, see on Elsawin or in the last case ask Ross Tech about it. I would be very grateful. Here are the details : VW Golf Mk4 1.4 16v 09/1998 ECU : Magnetti Marelli 4AV Thank you very much
  2. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    ok thanks anyway.when i discover this i will inform everyone
  3. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    as i said the cable works just fine...just dont know the code.the brand in the cable does not make it.Ross tech's cable is not made in Gold.apart from that i've asked my supplier but they dont have a database for that and they said that they will search as soon as possible. i thought the information was free and the forum was to discuss useful stuff and help each other...but if not i will reformulate : how much do anyone wants for that info?i preffered pay for that than pay for a cable that does the same but lot more expensive Thanks in advance
  4. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    Ok but its the same everywere i ask... One thing is people dont know the code because its the first ECU and the engine is not the most usual. But above that i've made everything with my cable and vag-com 704.1. i can login in several engines, do the adaptations, read measuring blocks, coding, read errors...The only problem is that i dont know that 5 digits code. The difference from my cable to the Ross Tech one is only one : The price! and appart from that nothing. So if you want to sell me a cable that costs 2390516320746102387912 euros is one thing but i know that it wont help at all. If someone has an answer that contain a 5 digit code i will aprecciate. Cheers
  5. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    Sorry for all the points...So here it is: Control Module Part Number: 036 906 014 AA Component and/or Version: MARELLI 4AV 2444 To explain better, i use the version 704.1 of Vag-com.What i was trying to say was that my cable is from other brand.In fact it has no brand at all but.Hope i made myself understandable x) Cheers and thanks for the advices
  6. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    Just the Login. i just want to change my idle speed (decrease a little)