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  1. The D3, by Alpina - now with 6 pot diesel.

    Ah, I see what you mean. Maybe their argument is that it would then make the interesting uninteresting? Who knows!
  2. The D3, by Alpina - now with 6 pot diesel.

    Is that 100% fact? I've seen details on their 'X' range in a dealers before & I've photographed one on the road too. Ok, I know BMW owners have thus utter inane need to stick misleading badges on their cars, but not a X drive one, surely?
  3. Golf R cab

    So if you drive a Cab, do you have to keep the roof up?
  4. Should anyone want a new RS6 this month

    Rare for a reason.....
  5. Porsche 918 Spyder Record Lap Onboard - YouTube
  6. Should anyone want a new RS6 this month

    The original customer lost nothing as the order was cancelled due to his employers relocating him to the US, he billed his employers (Large US Software house with an office in Reading, Chaired by a chap called Bill). Being a Director thats a luxury they can both afford I guess. The deposit taken was only £1k. As for loss for the dealer, again, unless the car remains unsold in 3 months time, it costs them nothing at present. Then it goes to Lombard for funding. I would envisage the car being moved before then. It also isn't registered, so will be sold as new. The dealers are actually very calm about the whole thing & are chuffed that they can have this in the showroom whilst they have a demo car for really showing off with. As for the seats, I like them, but then its subjective isn't it.
  7. My dealer has had one delivered last week, it was a cancelled order. It's pretty well spec'd - £114k if anyone is seriously interested. I saw the car yesterday & they were literally just unwrapping it. I have full specs, so PM me if you want the salesman's contact details at my dealer. If I am honest, when I read the specs I didn't think it sounded that nice, but in the flesh its rather lovely. Wouldn't be my choice if I were specing one, but still nice. Al.
  8. Knock knock - can I come in please??

    He needs to get fit first, then he might be in a position to learn to ride......
  9. So what are your 2013 car plans then?

    I was trying to show maturity.........
  10. So what are your 2013 car plans then?

    So, early 2013 & I ditch my 335d Coupe for an MCS (d) which was then fairly swiftly replaced by an B8 Avant 2.0TDi Quattro S-Line Black Edition (S-tronic), which is about to be replaced by an RS4. Quite a quiet year for me so far.....
  11. By golly by gosh....

    I think I did a little sex wee... Soundfile HMS Performance Audi RS4 B8 mit XPipe und Klappenabgasanlage - YouTube
  12. You can have any colour........

    They had them all filling the window for a while, they obviously got bored one afternoon & thought it worth while turning those little engines over...! Not my dealers, I was passing to collect something I'd ordered a few months back & forgot to collect - dope. The cars are fully accessible on the floor their on, nothing VIP about it.
  13. You can have any colour........

  14. You can have any colour........

    So long as it's RED!!!
  15. Knock knock - can I come in please??

    Sadly there's no SS in the boot for sure.