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  1. My old wallets just broke. I started looking around at slimming it down, to perhaps just cards and the odd note, not carrying the coin cash anymore, just leaving some change at work or in the car, where I typically only use coins etc.. Then I thought, do I actually need a wallet, or just how slimmed down could I manage with? I carry an iPhone everywhere with me, yet have never even considered the Apple Pay/ wallet/ NFC functions. I frequently see see people with just an iPhone case and a single card in its case. I'm guessing Mac With his love for tech, security, and all things Apple may have already done this, and particularly the other Londoners in the TSN community.. How are you getting on? Do you bother with a wallet anymore? Any must have apps?
  2. Harry's Garage

    If I could pick two that sprang out to me it would be the Spectre SVX Landrover and the Project 7 Jag. Id just loose the White spots and keep the orange Mouth. Two completely different tools.
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    Looks like an RS4 saloon. The A3 range morphed into A4 size. I hope its more reliable than the MK2. It seems they can be fragile. I will be holding on to my limited edition Mk1 for a bit longer. Now, If they made the RS3 saloon look like the clubsport, ( even without its headline grabbing concept power) with the styling/ active rear wing/ air brake, I might find it harder not to change.
  4. expensive numberplates

    And that plate is back up for sale Paul, , saw it recently. Agree with the dealer adverts, I have got a set of new plates for mine, the only thing on it other than the legal stuff is a border line.
  5. Tar Spots

    If you like the AG tar remover, swap it out and try the Gtechniq tar and glue remover next. I did, and its even less effort and easier to apply in a spray mist.
  6. Sky Q

    I wonder if the BBC SD and BBC HD placement is down to the fact regional news variations are non HD.
  7. The Grand Tour

    I think they, and Top Gear had run its course and got stale, boring and repetitive anyway. kept alive and dragged on by huge reselling rights around the world. I cant say that I will be rushing out to watch them in another reincarnation.
  8. A8 2007 Sat Nav Post Code Search? They will supply SW220 for free on request with a purchase. Just put a note in the comments as it came on another disc. Post code works like this, although this is not necessarily their disc, just another 7 digit postcode video.
  9. A8 2007 Sat Nav Post Code Search?

    I have a 2012 DVD based RNS-E and AUDI never supported 7 digit post codes. I had to purchase a modified Sat nav Dvd and separate update which allows full post codes in conjunction with a street name.
  10. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    On now or C4+1 / on demand
  11. This^^^ Wow, stunning colur and cars, and not just garage queens they are used.
  12. Window 10 help section!

    Attempt 2 with all the lastest updates, and Dell drivers, and a couple of known working touchpad drivers and still no joy, Touchpad fails, if it works at all within minutes, and twice when coming back and waking up the screen with a usb mouse the screen graphics have scrambled beyone use. Rolled back to Win 7 where it will stay until I atleast see some revisions in the driver No's to make it worth trying again.
  13. Window 10 help section!

    Win 7 to Win 10 didnt work brilliantly for me on my Dell XPS Laptop, the trackpad drivers failed to work or were not compatible, and I could only use it with a usb mouse. I was able to roll back ( you have a month) no issue, so will have to put a bit more effort into drivers first. Better than some that wont even boot after the update. I need a bigger SSD in my main PC, so will clone it, before trying the update on that machine.
  14. RS6 2015 boost gauge

    Lovely Motor. The speeds / acceleration that thing can generate, you will be braver than me trying to look at it! I cant in the RS3, where its an option in the DIS with Lap timer and Oil temp. iIs not that useful as its only a min to max sliding scale. Example of a TTRS grabbed from Google below. The RS6 MMI will no doubt be different.
  15. Looking for 2008 Audi R8 UK

    Have you driven one? I ask because I have only ever driven manuals, until I switched to the RS3 which only comes in S-Tronic ( DSG) Prior to this, an R8 V8 would have been top of my wish list too. Having now driven one, a then new 2014 model back to back with my RS3, an RS4 and RS6. I found to my disappointment I hated the manual gated box and found the 4.2 NA lazy and asthmatic. The gearbox just let the car down, and it lacked the urgency of a turbo charged car coupled with an S-Tronic box. I still want an R8, but for me it will have to be a V10 S-Tronic , unless they choose to drop the epic RS6 4.0 V8 twin turbo lump to liven it up.