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  1. oooo Audi exhaust!

    was it an a4, in that chromoflair colour similar to the nissan primera colour?
  2. Vredestein Sessanta Tyres....

    i am looking for a set of tyres for my lupo GTI, the Vredestein SPORTRAC 3 are £5 more than the Goodyear eagle f1, i am looking for 195/45/15, which do you think will be the better tyre considering the relatively small tyre size? edited to add: the wheels will be sitting at a slight camber
  3. Chrome (wrap) R8

    I think this looks fab!
  4. E30 325i alloys

    lol, its my bro, he has been looking for an immaculate e30 for a while now, it has to be immaculate, if you dont get ask...
  5. E30 325i alloys

    heres a pic of my brothers old e30
  6. E30 325i alloys

    If you want to go with genuine wheels, get the BBS, if not Azev A's suit the car perfectly, also if he is interested in selling it i know somebody that will buy it depending on colour, condition(has to be mint)
  7. Works GP

    I have driven a normal Cooper S and i loved it. Is it possible to put rears seats into this car?
  8. Arnage saloon with private plate

    I saw CAP 741N on a Bentley Arnage a few weeks ago, looked cool
  9. Insurance question

    i paid him because the damage cost was close to my excess, the reason why i paid him was because of the hassle of going through my insurance(i wouldve disputed liability as he gave me way before me hitting him). I was advised that i have enough grounds to counter claim but i will probable loose as i was the one who drove into him. should i inform my insurance company of this situation?
  10. Insurance question

    HI guys i had a accident a couple of weeks ago, The person i had the accident with had initially wanted to go through insurance, long story short i persuaded him to let me pay for the damage and he agreed. i have now paid him for the damage but his insurance company rang me today asking to pay for the hire car they provided him with. i was previously unaware of him having a hire car. Where do i stand legally with this? do i have to pay for the hire car also? to my stupidity i didnt get a receipt of him for the damage. I have spoken to the guy today and didnt mention the hire car but asked him to provide me with a receipt for the damage. thanks for any help
  11. What's the M1 like these days?

    Used the m1 travelling from london to MK yesterday, the contra flow now starts after the M25 junction, so you no longer miss the M25 traffic.
  12. Help Ps3 Frozen!

    its working now but not the same as it was before, crashes here and there, tbh really winding me up, gonna speak to PC world as thats where i bought it from.
  13. Help Ps3 Frozen!

    just put in gta into my ps3 60gb, prompted me with software update, ran the update and now i just got a blank sceen. I have left the ps3 as it is dont want to switch it off as i dont want to risk it dieing. what shall i do?
  14. What would be...?

    ferrari f355, then a phantom drop head
  15. buying a mk5 r32 a few questions first

    i might be buying a mk5 r32 from my local vw showroom, the car will be brandnew if bought as i want the correct spec, was just wondering if i can haggle for any discounts or freebies, or anything else i should consider?