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  1. theiving t**ts

    Not a nice feeling. Hope they hang.
  2. 4Sale 4motion 2001

    This is my neighbours, letting this much loved car go due to a new vehicle. 2001 4motion Golf. Completely standard. Beutiful dark blue coachwork with leather grey interior. 32K miles with full VW history. £12,500 Send me a message and I will get back to you. [email protected] (PICS TO FOLLOW)
  3. chip your engine for £15 ???? ummmm

    And they can cause all sorts of problems. The car is not designed for that so I would stay well away. Apparently the 1.8T engine was designed to 300BHP without ant effort. So I guess thats why you leave these things for the likes of AmD etc.
  4. Green Freelander

    What a [email protected]! That annoys me!
  5. New Portuguses Mobile Phone brand

    Excelent one Chris!
  6. Audi S range question

    Thanks chaps, most helpful.
  7. Audi S range question

    Can someone tell me the Engine size and BHP for the following please? New and Old S2 RS2 S3 S4 RS4 RS6 S8 Thanks guys
  8. Road Angel - As new

    Whats the spec on this? Whats the advantage on having one? Interested.
  9. Ferrari - cool or naff ?

    [ QUOTE ] Of course, you could buy an old 'rarri and put a private plate on it to disguise it's age ('F 4 RRE' perhaps?) and I'm sure you'd have crowds of Burberry-clad admirers gawking at you and it while making approving noises like "Wicked!" and "Sorted!"... IMHO of course. [/ QUOTE ] Sorry, could not resist!
  10. Ferrari - cool or naff ?

    It is a symbol of a playboy, so cool!
  11. Halford's Hands Free Kit.

    [ QUOTE ] Oh! also check if the have the keys to release you headunit, my store did not so I had to borrow some from a local Audio Dealer. [/ QUOTE ] No problem, I have just put a new unit in, it does'nt need keys???????
  12. Halford's Hands Free Kit.

    I will get one installed then, thanks for the review!
  13. Where can I get

    A Ralley style headlights a grill from for my 16v? As some of you may know, I have a Jetta front on her at the moment, but I think the Ralley look is tops!
  14. MKII 16v Question for SK

    Thanks guys, thats great. I have sent a few requests out for the options mention. I will let you know what they come up with! SK - whens the next MK meet?
  15. Halford's Hands Free Kit.

    Sounds like value for money. What happens if you change handsets? Can it be adapted?