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  1. Can anyone help me with this problem? Vehicle stalls when at operating temperature and reverse is selected or when turning left. Vehicle has covered 250,000Km is a 1994 3L. V6 Nissan Maxima sedan unleaded petrol / LPG Venturi system, normally runs sweetly. The car is poorly maintained, largely by myself as I tend to drive it until it stops, then make minimal tweaks and adjustments to get it running OK, repair parts or use second hand were possible. The car is normally run on LPG but the fault also occurs on petrol, currently the petrol injectors are crook and the front engine mount is shot. I feel intimidated by the complex engine management system and am at a loss as to target troubleshooting the current problem. A mechanic has tried a scanner on the electrics, replaced a faulty ignition lead, adjusted the mixture without identification of the problem.