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  1. Went to Mill Road Garage, Independent VW specialist, in Caversham - friendly service, expect to be going back there again
  2. Any recommendations nearby? Could do with finding an alternative to the main dealer. TIA
  3. K* JHT

    A distant glimpse surrounded by black smoke..lurking around north of Reading Good to see brand loyalty is alive & kicking
  4. St Anton, March

    This year's ski trip to SA is just about booked Any recommendations on apres ski bars & restaurants to visit? PS. For entertaining clients of course!
  5. No R - First Impressions

    It's been 12 months since driving my last R marque, and after today's frolics in the snow, I am missing it more than ever, even with the daft front wheel drive bias. My attempts with socialising the idea of another (numero six), is being met with a frown.... I hope you lucky R owners are making the most of it at the moment
  6. No R - First Impressions

    The 36 is a great ride in so many ways; it's quick (more so than book), pretty nimble for a barge. I had a saloon and with the styling, poise and debadging attracted plenty of the right & wront interest: 2 tugs, separately 2x3 points & 1 x speed awareness course. Excellent comfort and practicality. Very well kitted - loved the adaptive lights. Like Rachel, preferred over other R's Ive owned - I covered 50k. Luke, the mark 4!
  7. St Anton, March

    Well, I'm sure that's part of it too..
  8. St Anton, March

    Everytime I blink seem to lose a few months, a bit sad really, I think it's called 'The Quickening'!
  9. No R - First Impressions

    It is funny, I still can't explain why, but 4 x mark 4s, 1 x mark 5 & 1 x R36 feels like I was suffering from a medical condition!
  10. Picked up a new cover for the g/f's handset...bit unsure/nervous about fitting it without buggering the phone Any tips greatly appreciated?
  11. Freelander V6 Auto

    Considering one of these for the other half...appreciate some guidance on: 1. Common faults to look for 2. Typical mpg 3. Servicing schedule & costs Muchos gracias!
  12. Unique Yamaha Raptor 700 SE2

    *** under offer ***
  13. This is unique, you will not find a 'new' SE2 Raptor in this condition, with these tasteful modifications or mileage. 2007 Special Edition II 700cc 25 miles Cobalt blue with white bodywork 5 speed & reverse Thumb throttle Full road conversion by ATV Quads SVA Certified 6 months RFL Professional enquiries only (canvassers & chavsters prohibited) Modifications: Polished chrome billet headstock Vapour LCD display Matt black Fatbars Matt black Armour alloy big front bumper Polished chrome QZR Nerfbars with integrated heal guards Lowered on gas shocks Front & rear spacers for wider track Chrome AMS alloys Racing low profile road tyres Twin DMC Exhausts Powercommander "chip" module K&N DAM airfilter All professionally undertaken by TiltonATV Plus extras If the restrictor was removed it will hit 90 mph
  14. Unique Yamaha Raptor 700 SE2

    The risk of posting early in the morning! Price £6,495 Too many toys, too little time!
  15. Narwhal 4.5m Sports RIB

    *** sold ***
  16. Time to let one of the boats go.... Narwhal RIB for sale , Narwhal h-450 OIEO £6.5K - Boats And Outboards
  17. New R - complete lack of interest here

    I hope that VW take a bath on this...they've got to get real. I wonder how long before we see them cutting their prices to dealers as they had to with the mark V to move stock....
  18. Narwhal 4.5m Sports RIB

    And another
  19. Narwhal 4.5m Sports RIB

    Here you go
  20. Narwhal 4.5m Sports RIB

    Daz it's near Uxbridge. I'll post up some more photos when I get home on Monday night. The tube and build quality are excellent. Dave - is the trailer not showing on the advert listing?
  21. Brighton nightlife

    Thks guys. Err not entirely sure where we went after our Thai, but it as daylight when we finished up....and a great time was had by all!
  22. Brighton nightlife

    On my way down for tonight - any suggestions for bars/clubs that are a must and no go?! Cheers
  23. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    Christ.....has someone got the number for the Guiness Book of Records?!
  24. Orange Murcielago SV

    Northbound on the M1 this morning...."xxxx MAD" What a piece of art