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  1. Starter motor problem?

    Looking for advice really.. A couple of months ago i was having problems when starting up the mini. Id turn the ignition and nothing would happen, apart from the radio turning on and all the lights coming on. The engine wasnt even trying to start. total silence...it started off doing it every now and then. and eventually was doing it at least 3 times a day. so as it was still under warranty, the garage took it in to investigate. it was with them for 4 days. they said they couldnt find anythin wrong. then on the day i was to pick it up - it did it to them. so they told me they replaced the starter motor. and that was that. Now two months on it has started doing it again. just once every so often. Not as frequent as before. I put it into the garage again (warranty runs out in november)..and they say they cant find a thing wrong with it. Im really annoyed because i dont know what to do? or what could be causing it?!?! Or if they even changed the bloody starter motor the first time. Help?
  2. Vinyl wrapping - anyone done this?

    thats my biggest worry..and i read somewhere that vinyl doesnt react well to big changes in temp. ie from freezing cold to baking hot (typical highland summer) .
  3. Buying a secondhand Cooper S - Good price?

    is it wrong that i like it?
  4. Vinyl wrapping - anyone done this?

    Heya! Been thinking about doing a full respray of my mini cooper s ('06), and somebody suggested trying vinyl wrapping. Vehicle wrapping - car wraps, van wraps, bus wraps, vehicle wraps - Totally Dynamic - The majority of vehicles on that site are company. So have logos etc. But there are a few private cars that have been done. I contacted them for a quote for a metallic purple vinyl (somewhere in the £1000-£1500 mark). And i'm quite keen. It only lasts 3-5 years, protects your car from stone chips and apparently it does not need to go back to them to have the vinyl removed - i can do this myself without pulling the paint underneath off Has anyone else tried this? Or do you have an opinion on it?
  5. *Newbie* Battery or starter motor????

    My mini was doing the exact same thing two weeks ago, sometimes it would start up straight away, other times i was turning the key 8-9 times before it would start. The radio would come on etc..but the engine just did nothing. BMW have had it for 5 days now..because it was only happening randomly they couldnt figure it out! But they called today to say they are having to replace the starter motor!
  6. tyre pressure

    Does anyone know what it should be for the cooper s? I cant find it ANYWHERE...?
  7. Dominican Republic - reviews?

    Yeh thats exactly what I'm after ! Plus some goodlookin bloke in nothing but a bow tie serving me cocktails... I'm hoping that will be part of the all inclusive - Wishful thinking?
  8. Dominican Republic - reviews?

    Just booked a holiday to the dominican republic in september! I know this is the low season, but having read up on it - the weather will be just fine for a scot! Anyway I was wondering if anyone else had been? I've heard conflicting reviews ..my parents thought it was amazing - younger friends of mine have said it was very dangerous. What is the nightlife like? And watersports?
  9. Why women can't sleep

    WHY WOMEN CAN'T SLEEP Have you ever wondered how a woman's brain works? Well....it's finally explained here in one, easy-to-understand illustration: Every one of those little blue balls is a thought about something that needs to be done, a decision or a problem that needs to be solved. A man only has 2 balls and they consume all his thoughts.
  10. Snow driving - what is wrong with people??

    almost had the mini in a ditch this morning..not good! And i thought i was a good snow driver too But 2 lovely blokes managed to push me back onto the road (after they stopped laughin)
  11. joke for the girls !!

    I hope they do audi im sure we could handle them all..
  12. joke for the girls !!

    Just got text a good one - why do men prefer being on the bottom? Because they only know how to fcuk up
  13. window tints

    Never done this before so not sure how to go about it but i'd like to get the back 3 windows tinted on the cooper s - does anyone know how much this would cost roughly? Also would i be better trying a local garage than bmw/hawco?
  14. Overthinking the situation?

    your more twisted than i am !
  15. Overthinking the situation?

    No i was thinking more along the lines of taking away his sex drive...so if they are at it..she aint gettin none ! haha