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  1. Used to work for Sky up until July and to the day I left, I still saw the "Performance Cars" Logo on the side of the building Always wondered what that company did (apart from the obvious from the name) but assumed it was long gone It's on the Great West not too far from Sky/Glaxo/PC World
  2. Tracker or no-tracker??

    I rang up the insurance company last week in regards to this The guy was pretty honest about it all and said in terms of insurance premium, it makes no difference at all. Some companies may reduce by £30-40 give or take. Mine in this case makes no difference at all. He then went onto say it is purely down personal preference...while it makes no difference to the insurance, it may make a difference to you if you want the car back/track it. And that is pretty much it.
  3. VW Polo 2002 headunit change help

    Thanks for chasing All sorted finally! Called up Halfords in Horsham in the end as the Crawley one was out of stock and it also seems that the only one they had was used (potentially as was mine!) Horsham saw us at 7pm, Ryan comes out, crimps the new cable properly and connects it up - all sorted within 5 minutes What's more is all he wanted for all that was a fiver All in all- other half's happy and her mums happy (the only person I have to currently please ) Unfortunately Club Polo couldn't help in that I am still waiting for my profile to be activated For all the negative in Halfords, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised
  4. VW Polo 2002 headunit change help

    Thanks for this - Been a lot on the MKIV forums but have just registered on the club polo one. Waiting for the "admin" to approve my profile- fun times I have a window of 1.5-2 hours from 6-8pm today to fix this as halfords closes at 8
  5. VW Polo 2002 headunit change help

    I know what you mean! Unfortunately while the other half would never listen to it, her parents do and sometimes brother does too for the sports. Harness looks fine - matched it to the manuals etc and I can't fault it. Only thing I had to do was swap the yellow/red over to get the unit to save the settings but that clearly was made to do this as the cables would simply unplug from each other
  6. Hi all, Need urgent help on this really annoying issue - changed many headunits in the past but this ones causing a real headache. car: VW Polo 2002 9n shape. Had originally a cassette player so we went for the Pioneer DEH-2400UB system. Cage went in fine albeit a bit unstable but I'll sort this out Powers on fine, CD/iPod/FM works fine but MW/LW does not. So after some reading around, we bought a Antenna signal separation cable from Halfords (PC5-52) No idea how this connects though, the long barrel goes fine into the existing aerial. The small round bit goes fine into the back of the pioneer unit (with a PC5-29 adapter) But no idea with the blue cable? I pinned the blue cable to the Remote Signal cable which "seemed" to work but it fell out when putting the unit back in and caused a spark in the headunit somewhere, and the fuse for "radio" blew (car side not headunit). Replaced the 15amp fuse and its back to Sq1 only this time, clipping the cable on does not seem to work anymore. Also FM does not work with that PC5-52 cable so I suspect this is damaged and a new one is being picked up today. So my question is, where am I going wrong? Both the PC5-52 cable and the pioneer harness is attached below in terms of images. Any help will greatly be appreciate - never spent more than 10minutes on a HU change but this ones taken hours. Thanks
  7. Road Rage

    Have to agree with Tipex This could have easily been avoided with the biker just riding off Last month an incident happened in North West London where just because a biker could not get through two lanes of traffic, he grabbed the mirror of one car and folded it in, tapped on the cars bonnet with his hand before riding off. 1. Biker has no right to touch someone else s property 2. The mirror may not have been one that folds in permanently, or would fold up etc...could have easily broke it What made it worse is as he went past, no thank you or sorry...just a finger up at the driver THANKFULLY, the biker did not consider his options and not too far into the lane (3/4 cars worth) he was stopped at the traffic lights...followed by what looked like a broken nose.
  8. My next mod

    Craig, let me get back to you - just need to crunch some numbers. Are these complete units with AFS etc? I'm assuming given mine are currently xenon with AFS, it would be a straight swap + coding if yours has it Unless you want a new 64gb iPhone 4s unit as a swap ?
  9. My next mod

    Sounds like you're having fun! I'm after the facelift lights for mine but just can't find anything decent and cheap enough!
  10. Hi all, Eating my hair here but made a really stupid but classic mistake of sitting in the car forgetting I had a screwdriver in my back pocket. Got up, heard a slight pop...thats when I realised. As i slowly turned my head, sure enough, the screwdriver had gone into the leather. So, does anyone here do or know of someone who can fix it? From what I am seeing, it can be filled/repaired. Annoying thing is my seats are otherwise mint condition so it's really hard to see them like this now! Appreciate any help on this. I'll be calling Audi tomorrow to see if I can grab some quotes on a replacement but I'm sure this will be £££. Thanks in advance PS: Hole is on the seated part and not back rest Location: Ideally I would love if it was a mobile service in North West London or TW8 area (prefer this) AJ
  11. Ford Dealers...

    Might be because we're a bit spoilt these days? I'm with you on the service side of things but I do think of the above. I myself come from a background of initially dealing with Car Giant then Volvo and now Audi. Apart from CG (in those days, the great trade center) Volvo and Audi have been excellent...if not a little annoying. Dealerships have been clean, sales staff are knowledgeable about the car in question and generally an all round nice dealing. Fast forward to last Friday, a colleague was about to part with 12k for a new Focus - we walk into a quite dull and dreary Dagenham Motors place, the office is messy, not very "now" but seems to be in the days of Frank Butcher... and then there's the staff. Instead of a member of staff at a desk on a phone, it's a member of staff (the same one we're supposed to deal with) on a phone talking to a customer, pacing up and down the dealership. The acknowledgement is a simple nod as he recognises my colleague. (Audi/Volvo - it would be a receptionist who would do the work at this point in time) Finally, he is free...but the greeting is not hello Mr so and so...it's apparently first name basis. With Audi/Volvo, I always had this as a problem because they couldn't pronounce my second name or it's a mouthful when they did but never could I get them to stick with my first name so I found it strange here it was the other way round. No offering of coffee/tea, no how are you or hows your day. I mean... he's parting with 12k to what mostly will be a rescue to your job for the remainder of the year...least you could do is give us a coffee! Test Drive: we might as well have been talking to a brochure. I think the best question was how DiamondBrite stops any liquid seeping or staining the seats...ever. It never needs topping up either! Really? Sold! Mind you... we were lucky the test drive happened in the first place. After all, a 61 plate car with a dead battery was not going anywhere. But that's ok, you've had 20 hours of notice we are coming down so it was not an issue sitting next to a battery booster thing with the battery cover under my feet. Closing deal: Correct forms were not filled up, we ran out of time, colleague went back after work to seal the deal. I guess for anyone not having what I have with several dealerships, it's probably all too normal. You walk in, they want a sale, you want a car, and that's it. For me... If I'm parting with my hard earned cash, I want a service that goes with it.
  12. As above, how the heck is the screw removed? Every screwdriver I have seems to be eating up the screw This is for an Audi A6 2008 model. Wanting to change all the bulbs for LED ones but this ones causing issues Cheers, AJ
  13. Ford GT with pic

    Saw the same car in Greenford today
  14. Thanks both All done ! It was adding the 2048 to the current one which got it going Pretty loud ! Didn't think it would be as high-pitched. It's only on lock and not unlock which suits me fine.
  15. Thanks CraigyB! I'll give this a shot tomorrow morning