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  1. dump valve

    Don't know about the dump valve but try for the R32 rear bumper, Came across this as I was trying to look for cheap R32 sideskirts.
  2. PD Tuning box - any good and potential problems ?

    I used to have a Tunit Box on my Golf which was alot of fun, however after reading many posts I decided to sell the tuning box and took a trip down to AMD. The remap is much better, the power gain is much smoother than the box and the car is quicker. I had the Miltek fitted as well which I can highly recommend.
  3. Brake upgrade....advice please.

    I have ended up going for a set of EBC discs and pads, drove down to Demon Tweeks yesterday and got a keen price. Before deciding on a set make sure you shop around first, went to a local garage and they tried charging nearly twice as much for the upgrade.

    I am wanting to purchase a pair of R32 sideskirts, if anyone is selling any or knows where I can get them cheaper than Awesome GTI, etc. I would be grateful. Thanks.
  5. Brake upgrade....advice please.

    Cheers for the advice, I'll have a look at Wilwood.
  6. My Golf is due its 40000 mile service and I am wanting to get new discs and pads all round, however having to dip in my pocket for this I am thinking of spending abit more to have a brake upgrade (especially now that it has been AMD'd), does anyone have any recommendations? I am not wanting to spend silly money, around £500, also I want the calipers in black. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Where can you buy R32 sideskirts?

    Cheers for the advise. . Getting the front and rear valance colour coded, thought a set of skirts would nicely finish it off! Happy New Year!!
  8. Where can you buy R32 sideskirts?

    Where can you buy R32 sideskirts from and where is the best place to get them fitted and sprayed? I live in Cheshire, does anyone know of any where to get this done? Thanks for any replies. Greatly appreciated!!
  9. Opinions?

    No.1, it looks different. I don't normally like the lexus style ones but they look good.
  10. what was your 1st car ?

    My first car was a burgundy H reg Fiesta Bonus 1.nothing. I loved it, after a finished with it it looked liked it had ram raided Halfords. I still see it about with a cotton top behind the wheel, always makes me laugh!
  11. Number plate spacing....

    [ QUOTE ] There is no grey area with the law on plates. It clearly says: Number plates fitted after 1 September 2001 must display characters that meet the dimensions shown below. Characters Height 79mm Width (except the figure 1 or letter l) 50mm Stroke 14mm Space between characters 11mm Space between groups 33mm Top, bottom and side margins (minimum) 11mm Space between vertical lines 19mm Now if you'd like to take a chance, by all means, but the law is the law. Some people get away with all sorts of petty crime that they don't even regard as an offence against the law, but some don't. If you do doctor your plate and get caught, then you can't plead ignorance or come crying over here. [/ QUOTE ] The law is the law, however what puzzled me is that that day (as well as others) I had 4 police cars behind me and not one stopped me, they had every chance but decided not to do so as they probably thought the plate was clearly ledgeable in addition my friend is a copper and he said he wouldn't look twice at the reg. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, the spacing is wrong and I will change it no problem as 'the law is the law'. However I do think that these laws are slightly hypocritical, as the DVLA rakes hords of cash in selling these number plates encouraging all this. I find it very blinkered attitude if the only answer back to this is 'the law is the law'. (My two pennies worth....)!
  12. Wheel Lock Recommendation?

    Thanks for the advise chaps. I have had a look at the Dislock (matt silver one), I think I will go for that one.
  13. Number plate spacing....

    I got pulled the other day, I have not messed with any dodgy screws or altered the lettering, you can see it very clearly. The only thing that I had done was altered the spacing, there should be a 33mm gap between the prefix (and numbers) and the next letter, my gap was 15mm. I thought this was petty as that day four police cars had been behind me (not all at the same time) and not stopped me. This plod was on a bike and after I had a rant he fined me. His specfic duty of the day was to stop cars with altered plates. This is something they are cracking down on, the decision is yours, my only advice is not to rant at the officer when you get stopped(thats if you do), he might not fine you and only give you an initial warning.
  14. Wheel Lock Recommendation?

    I know this isn't the most interesting of questions but I need to get one for my Golf and not sure which one is the best. No doubt that some fellow Tyresmokers use them and was wondering if there are any recommendations. Thanks for any replies.
  15. Polish v's Wax

    [ QUOTE ] Welcome to Tyresmoke.... From my own experience what you are best off doing is polishing the car then waxing it after. The wax puts a protective layer over the polish/bodywork giving it a lasting shine. I use Meguiars 3 stage (paint cleaner, polish then wax) I can highly recommend it. I hope this helps, [/ QUOTE ] Here's a piccie of mine after a Meguiars wax...