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  1. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    Here are a few more options for you: (maybe) Although I really think you need a Ssangyong Turismo in your life:
  2. Tips on rejecting a faulty car?

    She may find this helpful should the garage ask what the problem is ....
  3. Replacing the wife's car: v2: used or lease?

    That's where I found my sisters £99 per month / 0% APR deal
  4. New pants please

    Feck me! That was unexpected
  5. Freesat will require a dish for tv and broadband for the catch up service. Freeview requires an antenna.
  6. New pants please

    Everyone escaped without serious injury.
  7. New pants please

    That was ****ing mental - she was a proper alkie
  8. New pants please

    A Viper doing a Mustang from 'Cars N Coffee'
  9. BTCC 2017

    How do you think he even got a drive To be fair he wasn't too bad, just never quick enough.
  10. Germany's Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, agreed on Friday to introduce a road toll for cars registered abroad with prices linked to environmental criteria. The German parliament originally approved a road charging system in 2015 that would have hit only foreign drivers, but the plan was kept on hold after the European Commission complained it would have been discriminatory and so against EU rules.
  11. F1 2017

    At least Williams won something ...
  12. Subaru WRX STI vs Swiss Bobsled Run

    Mark Higgins decided to bring his rally car to a bobsled run in St Moritz, Switzerland
  13. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Edd China Quits Wheeler Dealers After Disagreeing With Velocity On Show’s Direction, Will Be Replaced By Ant Anstead Edd China posted a video on Youtube, explaining that he left the show after Velocity Channel decided to reduce the coverage of the workshop sequences. Guess they're dumbing it down for the US market.
  15. American Express and Etihad have been running a joint promotion for a while, which offers an up to 10% discount to American Expresscustomers for booking their tickets on Etihad Airways. This promotion has now been extended to last through June 2017. As per the promotion, Etihad is offering a discount up to 10% in First, Business and Economy classes, ex taxes when you pay with your Amexcard. The discount is available on all fare classes, however you need to look out for a yellow star before the fare to know you are buying a ticket with a discount.