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  1. BMW M2 Competition

    Talking of the Golf R, I received a quote for a (UK) factory order DSG 3D model: £28,500. Thought that was bit of bargain, not that I’ve slumped it in VW before but it’s the only thing fitting my current requirements.
  2. What would you do.....?

    I’ve got the BMW Smartwater security on the M2, invisible, if it had looked like that then they’d of had the car return PDQ. The whole of these systems is to covert/passive.
  3. BMW M3 Competition

    Well BMW PCP are doing 0% across the range over 24-48 months with a deposit of 0-35% cost of the car. Min deposit 1k. Drivethedeal offer a 11.7% discount on factory order M3 CP. so unless I’m missing something your quoted post doesn’t seem that special, unless you're a big Dick fan.
  4. Bit of T Cut and it will be fine....

    "The driver will be offered a Fitness to Drive course & the DVLA notified" Meaning the driver wasn't wearing his glasses or was unfit to drive due to a medical condition (ie: pedal confusion) or "unassisted acceleration caused by a floor mat" which defence barristers prefer to blame.
  5. New pants please

    CK07 OCU: untaxed and no MOT - bet that surprised you, not!
  6. Free subscription to Motorsport PRIME

    The code gives you 90 days free, no cc required.
  8. 2018 UK F1 TV schedule

    sounds like the background music to this:
  9. Ebay oddity / fraud

    The scammers have done an account takeover and will be hoping to find some sucker who's willing to do a quick deal off ebay site. ie: "Send me a deposit via Western Union and we'll sort out shipping" The Lancia Beta got up to £550 with 5 bids before it was pulled: Google Image Search The exact same advert is placed every few days under different account names: 1 , 2 eBay doesn't care that much, as long as they get paid for the advert then they're happy.
  10. 'Inside Team McLaren' on Amazon Video

    Congratulations to McLarenF1 on their new sponsor at Barcelona F1 Testing - they can't blame Honda anymore.
  11. New BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

    or the AMG-GT...
  12. F1's 'Halo' cockpit is coming in 2017

    In-car Halo view looks ****
  13. This looks promising and a reasonable price, although in the UK you might be waiting until 2025 when the $KY expires - VPN anyone
  14. Brabham Are Trying To Crowd Fund Their Way Back To F1

    They've launched at last .... sort of. Sir Jack’s son David Brabham (a Le Mans winner in his own right) is bringing the family name back into the automotive sphere with the launch of Brabham Automotive. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of David Brabham launching his own initiative. Back in 2014, he tried to crowd-fund Project Brabham as a new racing team. But that project never seems to have gotten off the ground. Now it would appear he’s turning his gaze, much like his father did, on constructing cars. Just what the new firm will produce, we don’t know, but we’d wager there’s some sort of road-going (or perhaps track-focused) performance automobile in its future.
  15. CCTV might be getting hacked

    HiKVision has extremely poor security and has been hacked before. Keep updatíng that firmware - if they ever bother to patch it correctly. The backdoor vulnerability which got you has been present in Hikvision products since at least 2014.