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  1. M135i

    For the money, I'd skip anything switchable and stick to the MPE. Removing the backbox is good for weight saving but will the noise will eventually annoy if the car is your daily (family) drive. Now if it was a weekend toy, then yes, rip that fecker out and do the CAT. I did the same on my John Cooper Works MINI - Miltek Sports CAT and exhaust, it sound liked an F1 on full-tilt but on a long drive that sound became irritating. I've looked at putting a switchable backbox on M2 but you're looking at almost 5k for the Akrapovic Evolution, I can leave it in Sport mode for free
  2. New Mustang

    Same same. If the car had them it would have done better, The MY17 European model will have 'Pre-Collision Assist and Lane Keep Assist as standard'.
  3. New Mustang

    The problem with EuroNCAP is that it's weighted on passive safety mods, so if Ford stuck on auto braking, all round cameras, blind spot monitoring, radar etc as standard (or even just for the test) it would have been 4.5 or even 5. Its just like EuroMPG rates, it's all smoke and mirrors ( or lack of smoke in this example).
  4. New Mustang

    New, as in the 2017 facelift? I bought a MY16 V8 cab last spring and sold it by the end of summer as the M2 arrived. Sounded okay in an American V8 way, but needed a proper exhaust. I liked the looks however, a Mondeo is better built and safer! Wasn't impressed by the 2-star NCAP rating
  5. San Francisco

    Take it you'll be flying the short hop Vegas to SF? I drove it last year, SF - LA - San Deigo - Vegas - SF lot of driving. I found the website below useful for stealing some ideas on what to expect when driving down to Big Sur.
  6. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16

  7. San Francisco

    All tourist hell! Been there 4 times and the sea lions still fecking stink! Another first-timer thing is to cross the GGB to Sausalito or even better take the 30 mins ferry ride, it's on-par with the Hong Kong ferry for views and excitement. By all means, spend a day or two doing the tourist stuff however you've got to head out of town for the real diamonds. As Burble said, head up to the Napa Valley if you like wine, boutique hotels and relaxation or for something more stimulating rent a car and take the Cabrillo Highway (Highway 1) down the coast south of San Francisco. There you will find Half Moon Bay (great walking trails & beaches), Santa Cruz (Big Dipper wooden roller coaster from the 1900s), Monterey (Cannery Row, great seafood, whale watching and the famous Aquarium) and Carmel-by-the-Sea (Former artist haven with nifty main street shops, a unique little beach, and the famous 17 mile drive. Clint Eastwood was once the town mayor). Montara to Santa Cruz is a superb stretch of coastal road with breathtaking views around every curve. SF to Monterey is a two-hour drive so you'd need to book a hotel stopover to make the most fo it. Then there's Stanford-Palo Alto, The Googleplex etc. Weather in SF isn't so great in Jan, foggy and overcast similar temps to England but once you get the out the Bay area it can be much brighter and warmer. Places closer to San Jose almost have a Mediterranean climate when it's cold in the bay. There's also lots of flight opens now from London: Norwegian fly from LGW to Oakland, BA to SFO and San Jose, and then loads of airlines fly into SFO. Oakland is a small airport within easy reach of SF.
  8. New pants please

    Let's get outta here - **** the rest!
  9. stripped down or shipped straight out to eastern Europe.
  10. Oooops...
  11. An expensive Ford

    I thought this thread was going to be about that mint XR2 Turbo that's up for auction. Shit car, but so much want.
  12. Some fantastic 'Ferraris'.

    I'll just leave these here then ...
  13. Etihad (and Qatar) – 50% Off flights in all classes

    Up to 15% off qatar airways flights using promo code ENJOYQR.
  14. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Ross is to return to F1 as MD.
  15. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Liberty Media has announced its takeover of Formula One is complete & Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced as chief executive by Chase Carey.