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  1. Post a pic of your car

    Sounds like it's doing 100mph when it's not even moving, awesome!
  2. One for the VM users.
  3. New pants please

    I'm preeeetty sure the Astra was not built to take corners that fast....
  4. A45 AMG

    Looking at the UK brokers the discount is around 6-6.5k, more on the A45 AMG Yellow Night Edition as that's an acquired taste - perfect for you?
  5. Corbyn

    'Right Jeremy, let's try again shall we? If you have 262 seats, and Theresa has 318 seats, who won the election?'
  6. I was going to say they're quite fussy about who they sign up
  7. No referrals that I'm aware of, but if you apply by 3 Sep 2017 you'll get £20 cashback after making your first purchase abroad on the card by 30 Sep 2017. The cashback will be credited to your card account within 90 days.
  8. tightened the rules to make try and make that little extra out of you? Talking of ATMs, I never carry any cash here in Sweden. In the last 10 years I've used an ATM 3 times, although must go again soon as I've literally no cash and it's a PITA when it comes to sending the kid to the shop Got so much foreign currency here I could set my own FX agency, most of the Asian stuff I don't even know where it's from.
  9. Indeed, but it's only 'pennies' if you clear the balance monthly. Or less if you preload (overpay) the card before you travel
  10. Always use it abroad at ATMs, and mostly at the airport when I touch down. You tend to pick up a local ATM charge as very few countries have free ATM transactions like the U.K., therefore I take out a large amount instead of doing several small transactions - just make sure you don't fall for Dynamic Currency Conversion where they try and deduct your account in £, instead of the local currency, at an extortionate FX rate.
  11. Stick to the Halifax Clarity credit card, I've used it over 35 countries without any dramas
  12. New pants please

    Yes they do, after four laps they stop for a break before the next race
  13. F1 2017

    The FIA have given JB a grid penalty for his next race, pointless
  14. More about the BMW 8 Concept (with pics)

    The M8 looks a bit better
  15. Alonso Indy500....