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  1. Woking Grand Prix

    Seems they're not the only ones
  2. Diesel-Gate: Mercedes recall 3million vehicles

    Renault, according to the autocar link you post. certainly sounds like more than engine, although Merc haven't confirmed it either way.!!&rs=8
  3. Gatwick First Parking

    One of the unapproved off-airport valet parking firms has gone bust and reportedly left vehicles left in their care abandoned. Holidaymakers cars stranded in fields and some cars have been found parked in various trading estates and side streets.
  4. Audi stopped from selling Petrol models Europe

    I'd love to have sat in on that meeting. Boss: "We need a Hybrid!" Engineer: "Why?" B: "Coz it's a buzzword & hipsters love them" E: "Oh, but it's overly complex and shown to increase fuel consumption in the lab" B: "we can always lie about massage the emissions figures..." AUDI = Always Using Dodgy Inventions
  5. Audi has been hit with a stop-sale in Europe, forcing it to temporarily suspend sales of petrol-powered A4 and A5 models and the S4 and S5, the order could force the German carmaker to stop sales of the models for up to two months. The order all revolves around the aforementioned four vehicles failing to meet their claimed fuel consumption figures. In the case of the A4 and A5 models with Audi’s 2.0-liter TFSI engine, a starter-generator has been fitted in place of a traditional starter motor and while such a mild-hybrid system typically improves fuel economy, Audi says its system actually worsens consumption. According to a company spokesman, the system adds about 0.2L/100 km over the New European Driving Cycle. “The 2.0-litre TFSI is a little bit different. The process of bureaucracy is the same one. It got a mild hybrid system and it has also changed the consumption by 0.2 and 0.3 litres per 100km, something like that. “It’s worse consumption. You don’t have the mild hybrid functioning on the test cycle. You don’t have the effect by just the standard consumption. As a customer, you will have the effect and the benefit. It’s worse in the lab but better on the road,” the spokesman said. As for the S4 and S5, a software change to the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 of the two models mean they now have higher fuel consumption figures than initially claimed. The company says that it is waiting for German officials to approve the changes to the cars but admits that the process could take it two months. “If you have a change like that you have to tell the traffic authority to certify the process, which needs sometimes four to six weeks. Sometimes it needs two months and we are just in the middle of that process,” Audi said.
  6. Every diesel merc (cars and vans) sold in Europe over the last six years to be recalled for a software fix. wonder how many will get fix, and is this death nail for diesel sales (which are falling anyhow).
  7. Rally Driver in an F1 Car

    Can't be any worse than a movie star, the actor Chris Hemsworth in a Formula E car .... he was a much better driving Hunt's M26 in Rush
  8. Williams

    Another F1 film out this summer about Ronnie Peterson hopefully, it will get an English version.
  9. F1 2017

    Bet it was Monisha Kaltenborn who signed the deal, hence her swift departure.
  10. Williams

    I've seen the poster ... but I ain't posting it here
  11. Williams

    You'll never guess what this film is about ...
  12. F1 2017

    Sauber's deal to run Honda engines in 2018 is off - I wonder why ... No official confirmation though
  13. Barcelona is one of the cheapest European GP's to attend - several budget airlines fly there, cheap hotels, and easy transport to the track
  14. South Africa

    Everyone I met in SA last year was friendly enough although we avoided any dodgy looking places, only stopping at modern looking local shopping centers or service stations on the highway. Lots of crazy people about so I fitted in well. We hit it quite hardcore, avoiding the Jonny-fat-wallet tours and camps, choosing instead to stay in straw roofed bush camps in Kruger (Satara and Skukuza) getting far as the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique but had to bug out quick due the poachers. Doing two Safaris a day and night rides was quite tiring but we managed to cross off The Big 5 and plenty of others. After a week in the Kruger we stayed in a small private convervation park (no a/ac, no hot water) in Hoedspruit which had a wild (but tame) cheetah roaming around the camp along with warthogs which the housekeeper, an elderly woman from the village, would chase and beat with a stick. Was also lucky enough to help on a few conservation projects such as de-horning a rhinoceros with a chainsaw to prevent it being killed by poachers. That was after it had been darted from a helicopter. We drove almost 1000 miles but it was worth it to see everything, plan on going to Cape Town sometime.
  15. F1 2017

    Ah, you didn't say it said Sauber F1 Team on them, in that I'd say yes. Edit, looking at your pic I've spotted the trucks in the middle, with the bandinding around the top.