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  1. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Ford Fiesta's are the most common car stolen using this method as they less lightly to have additional security (trackers) and i assume, left outside more often.
  2. "Relay Crime" reality?

    No, it's just 'comfort opening' (on almost every brand of car) that has a wide-open security flaw. Oh, and BMW Bluetooth .
  3. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Gone is 20 seconds: It took roughly 10-seconds for the thieves to boost the key’s signal into their transmitter, and then another 10 seconds to switch places and take off with the car.
  4. One person takes exception to an advert, makes a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority and it's ban claiming that the ad promotes dangerous driving.
  5. BMW Finance Discounts

    I know Riz has touched on it in his various RS3/M3 threads but I was just looking myself and thought I'd share them. The BMW Finance discount is on top of any other discounts. The quoted discounted prices include the following deposit contributions towards BMW finance: (Quotes and offers are for cars ordered between 1st April - 30th June and delivered by 30th September 2018. ) 320i models: £500 320i xDrive models: £750 318d models: £1,000 330i models: £1,250 320d models: £2,750 320d xDrive models: £3,000 340i models: £3,500 330d models: £3,750 330d xDrive models: £4,500 335d xDrive models: £4,750 420i xDrive models: £250 430i models: £750 420d models: £2,500 420d xDrive models: £2,750 440i models: £3,000 430d models: £3,500 430d xDrive models: £3,750 435d xDrive models: £5,000 530i models: £1,250 520d models: £1,750 520d xDrive models: £2,250 525d models: £2,750 530d models: £3,250 540i xDrive models: £3,500 530d xDrive models: £3,750 120i models: £250 125i models: £500 116d models: £1,750 118d models: £2,000 M140i models: £2,250 120d models: £2,500 125d models: £3,500 120d xDrive models: £3,750
  6. RS3 - Saloon!

    That's a good price considering you can get a new one discounted under 29k (3-door, auto, few options, factory order).
  7. BMW Finance Discounts

    Make that £15k discount with PCP, not that I want a diesel.
  8. BMW Finance Discounts

    The MY18 4er is the LCI (after 4 years in production) so yes, guess BMW will drag it out for another 3 or 4 years. The 7th Gen 3er (G20) arrives as MY19. Was 'offered' £13k off a factory order 435d xDrive coupe this morning.
  9. RS3 - Saloon!

    Don't forget to ask about winter tyres
  10. RS3 - Saloon!

    The ALPINA B3 S Bi-Turbo Touring (xDrive) is the closest you'll get. ££££££££
  11. RS3 - Saloon!

    How much is the M5 Competition
  12. RS3 - Saloon!

    Give it a week and it will be worth 50k
  13. RS3 - Saloon!

    ... or his pants.
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    He's scared that RWD will bite him in the ass - only "real men" drive RWD cars
  15. Brabham is a legendary name in Motorsport, now the team want to make a return but not without the help of racing fans around the world. Project Brabham is a new crowd funding project that hopes to make it to Formula E and later down the line Formula One. Donators will gain access to Brabham’s online fan zone and those with a little more money to spend will even be invited to events as well as having a mug shot on the factory wall. The team plans to begin their campaign in next year’s World Endurance Championship. Visit the Brabham website for more info.
  16. Brabham Are Trying To Crowd Fund Their Way Back To F1

    Track-only Brabham BT62 revealed in London with £1m price tag
  17. RS3 - Saloon!

    Ipanema Brown Metallic
  18. BMW M2 Competition

    Talking of the Golf R, I received a quote for a (UK) factory order DSG 3D model: £28,500. Thought that was bit of bargain, not that I’ve slumped it in VW before but it’s the only thing fitting my current requirements.
  19. What would you do.....?

    I’ve got the BMW Smartwater security on the M2, invisible, if it had looked like that then they’d of had the car return PDQ. The whole of these systems is to covert/passive.
  20. BMW M3 Competition

    Well BMW PCP are doing 0% across the range over 24-48 months with a deposit of 0-35% cost of the car. Min deposit 1k. Drivethedeal offer a 11.7% discount on factory order M3 CP. so unless I’m missing something your quoted post doesn’t seem that special, unless you're a big Dick fan.
  21. Bit of T Cut and it will be fine....

    "The driver will be offered a Fitness to Drive course & the DVLA notified" Meaning the driver wasn't wearing his glasses or was unfit to drive due to a medical condition (ie: pedal confusion) or "unassisted acceleration caused by a floor mat" which defence barristers prefer to blame.
  22. New pants please

    CK07 OCU: untaxed and no MOT - bet that surprised you, not!
  23. Free subscription to Motorsport PRIME

    The code gives you 90 days free, no cc required.