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  1. Corroded Monza 18s....

    Feck me RR After 24 months mine were nowhere near as bad as that. The dealer still replaced them though no questions asked I just wonder if your dealer knows that they are not OEM on your car if they will try and wriggle out your warranty claim VWUK will know the exact factory spec of your car and perhaps they may use this as an excuse to bounce any claim
  2. MK 5 GTI - 18" Monza alloy problem

    [ QUOTE ] Just a quick post...My 2006 GTI has the gorgeous 18" Monzas, but one of them has a strange 'hazing' on one of the looks odd and I was wondering if anyone else had come across it? (I'll try to get a picture up later, but it looks dull and I wonder if it could be a warranty issue) Any help gratefully received chaps. [/ QUOTE ] I've just had 2 replaced under warranty earlier this week no quastions asked The milkyness is just the start of it and then it only gets worse. If I were you I'd wait until all the salt is off the roads and get them replaced under warranty
  3. Defecting to the TT Forum

    [ QUOTE ] Well I might be buying an ED30 in the next few days, so lets see. The TT would have me listening to the exhaust and backing off the throttle to listen, just like in my old R32. The TT owners do wonder about it only having 200bhp [/ QUOTE ] Chins you know the proper Mk2 has 250bhp
  4. [ QUOTE ] Typical eh? you go out of your way to find a quiet spot and someone parks next to you Nice cars though [/ QUOTE ] I always do the same but end up coming back to the car and there's usually a Chavalier 1.8 LS SRi 4x4 TURDO parked right next to me
  5. Defecting to the TT Forum

    I've still got my GTI in addition to my V6 MK2 TT Enjoying the best of both worlds
  6. 18" Monza Corrosion

    I'm in the process of getting 2 of my 18s replaced as well. Dealer was no problem at all
  7. Missing Cover ??....

    TBH Red I think it must be an error in the factory and not just a piece that has fallen off as you'd have to cut the cover off or remove the wires from the plug before taking the cover off which would seem unlikely
  8. Missing Cover ??....

    Right, I've just nipped downstairs to the garage and popped the bonnet. Mine definately has a rubber cover on it, almost like a mini gearstick gaiter. I've left my camera at work otherwise I would have posted a pic
  9. Missing Cover ??....

    Its missing a rubber sleeve Red. The fit on my one is $hit so you're probably better off using some insulating tape to seal it up once you've made sure that its nice and dry in the connector
  10. RPM has gone crazy

    It sounds like a MAF issue to me. Try diconnecting the MAF to see if the engine runs/idles any better. If it does the MAF is most likely faulty / contaminated. HTH
  11. Dashboard

    I've had the radio and vents above it out to fit my I Pod prep, it was an easy 20 min job with a step by step how-to but I've yet to come acrosss a how-to for the dash pod You could try asking / searching on or vw vortex as there's usually a lot of techy how-tos on there
  12. Do you REALLY care though ? It it REALLY enough to stop you going out and buying a new GTI ? I doubt it and VW know it
  13. Ipod Adaptor for GTI

    Its a straightforward 30min job to DIY install the VW kit. I'm sure that I posted a link to a step by step how to a good while ago but I'm bu99ered if i can find it now
  14. How many white ones?

    I've seen a few around even up here. Its by far the coolest colour for the GTI IMHO Apart from the fully colour coded one I saw last week. It was so 80s it looked very Astra GTE
  15. MKV GTi on eBay.....

    What a chav chariot