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  1. B5 RS4

    A trip out in the park, those were the days
  2. Extreme Car Care.......again

    Just going to post a short reply, any orders not fullfilled by John will be getting a refund in the next couple of days once some funds appear on my paypal account Personal issues have stopped me responding to various things, I apologise I will try and make the next windsor meet thanks John - !!!! Currently I need to try and get extreme email to see whats been happening over the last few weeks Will reply when I get more time All I can do is apologise Bushy
  3. Extreme Car Care - Please Read.

    I must apologise for my absense but basically after server problems my wife has been taken ill and had to under some surgery, more may follow but will find out when we get the results of her scan when we see the consultant in a week or so This has put a fair it of stress my way and some things have suffered, mainly ECC John is a good bloke and offered to help, I have decided with up coming work commitments and potential further time of work with my wife means I canot guarantee spending sufficient time on ECC and decided it would make more sense to let john take it over Good luck to him and apologies for the poor service recently and hope all back orders are sorted in the next few days Best regards Bushy
  4. Bushy is back !

    no worries to update everyone I think I have managed to ship all orders bar 2, which I have sent emails to due to a stock shortage So all orders will at leatest be with people on Monday I guess Some have been sent royal mail some via city link Cheers Bushy
  5. Bushy is back !

    Oh and to mention I had arranged with my brother in law to do dispatches But he had no orders as the server was down Best laid plans and all that
  6. Meguires Trim Cleaner????

    Sorry for delay All orders will be fulfilled this week
  7. Bushy is back !

    Hi guys Apologies for any shipping delays and replying to emails, still wading through stuff Absolute nightmare with the server, someone/something managed to get into the system and break everything, luckily thanks to PhilT we have a good back up regime so didnt loose any data, I reckon I lost around 10 days of emails though so had to go through paypals accounts to get lost orders, so any one who sent me a mail and does not get a reply by tonight better resend it In the end we have a new server now, built on my old desktop (a faster machine) with Windows & Exchange 2003, again thanks to PhilT for telephoine tech support in rebuilding the thing as I did have a few problems along the way Updated loads of stuff as I did so, nearly finished, I THINK!!!!! I will now try and wade through posts and PMs Cheers for your patience Bushy
  8. Will 'Scratch X' work on metallic? How?!!

    I think it may be the costco towels, i did try them myself but gave them away in the end as they were too course and tough be interested to see though
  9. Will 'Scratch X' work on metallic? How?!!

    Not good, on the same note my wife has a scratch on the bonnet of her black car and I found Scratch X was not up to the job and had to use something stronger Sorry to hear it mate What cloth did you use?
  10. No car, but I found a substitute

    Hee hee I use Xtra all purpose on the BBQ at the beginning of the year, only other option would be steam cleaning it Carpet and Interior is what missus lady uses around the house instead of 1001 Never been sad enough to start polishing all metal objects But to make you all laugh we have recently undergone some major works to our house so every room has been redecorated or modified in some way - cheaper than moving, this included a new bathroom with an odd shaped bath. Well missus lady managed to scrape some nail polish from here feet up the sides of the bath, tried everything to shift it with no joy - the answer - CLAY BAR
  11. Meguiar's Respect!

    good to see another convert
  12. My new car! Misano Red RS4

    Nice one simon, looking forward to a meet Bring on the mods!
  13. Meguires Trim Cleaner????

    will dispatch tomorrow, should get it wednesday Bushy
  14. AmD

    so who has used them and what comments do you have
  15. Meguires Trim Cleaner????

    trim detailer will last longer than natural shine, which is more for interior use