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  1. retrofit upgrades for a D2 S8

    But those are plastic and will look cheap after a while
  2. rear sun blind

    Just lift the cover of and tap the engine with something hard after u press the button. So: Sit in backseat. Take cover of. Turn ignition on. press button. hit the engine with a screwdriver. Works like new after that operation....!
  3. Hi, from another newby

    Don´t buy the small bottle with brush, buy big with spray...
  4. Locking cable recall

    It´s a really easy thing to do and i made it easier and quicker for them by taking everything (that was in the way) out. They only take out the old bracket and put in a new one and after a little adjustments to the locking cable it´s done. So as long as they don´t poke around with their sticky fingers it should go well
  5. Locking cable recall

    I just left it (on a friday morning) at the Audi dealer and waited for the 1,5hours it was supposed to take....:confused: Well after 2h they told me they had a problem. After 3h they gave me a rental (for free ) over the weekend. Returned monday afternoon and they had just found out what was wrong and soon after they started the car. Told them i didn´t want them to do anything else, drove the car home and put the interior back together myself Got loads of codes on the RNS-E unit...:confused: Took it out and lots of cables were disconnected :confused: Damn retards...! :mad:
  6. Locking cable recall

    Got mine back from that same operation last week. For starters they pulled the cables for the instrument that made the car not wanting to start and a blacked out instrument. The problems they left me with are just: Short to ground GPS antenna Non working rear sunshade Focked top cover (infront of steeringwheel) Loads of fault codes My car is never going back to the dealer ever, when i need parts, i´ll walk.....
  7. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    It works just fine....! I went to the dealer to get the failing gearstick fixed (you can move the stick without the key or take key out while stick is in N instead of P ) and when they had finished whatever they were doing the car wouldn´t start The instrument cluster is black and the immobiliser makes it unstartable So i´ll guess im gonna have to pay for whatever they have destroyd....
  8. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    Ooh, no that won´t work as the cable then will lock itself, doesn´t get less genuin than that...
  9. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    I think i can recode my modules just fine with the 704.1 software, but i cannot log in to the ABS/ESP control unit without the correct code. If it´s not the ABS/ESP that needs recoding then what makes the "foot on brake pedal" come up when i turn on the ignition? It should be the same thing that makes it not to show the PRNDS in the display (as you see in the film). :confused:
  10. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    Im using 704.1. ECU 4D0 907 559 C TCU 4D0 927 156 EC (softcoded 00121) ABS 4D0 907 389 E (softcoded 08397) INST 4D0 919 033 CE
  11. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    Yes, but that code is just for setting the steering wheel in 0 position. The only thing left to do to get the PRNDS to show up in the FIS-display has to be that controller, because i don´t get the "brake pedal warning" anymore It looks like this now: Audi S8 -01 Sport 50-150km/h - GARAGET -
  12. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    Does anybody have the login code for changing softcode on ABS/ESD module?
  13. Audi S8 -01 Sport 50-150km/h - GARAGET -
  14. Could it be the ABS/ESP unit that needs another softcode? Because i don´t get the "brakepedal" message anymore, it should have something to do with it. But i can´t find a login code for the ABS/ESP unit
  15. Im using 704.1. ECU 4D0 907 559 C TCU 4D0 927 156 EC (softcoded 00121) ABS 4D0 907 389 E (softcoded 08397) INST 4D0 919 033 CE