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  1. A5 Cab wheel sizes

    Does anyone know if these wheels will fit onto an A5 Cab? 7.5x17" A4 B8 Audi Alloy Wheels Rim Width: 7.5J Rim Diameter: 17 Offset: 45 Number of Studs: 5 Rim Diameter: 112 Rim Structure: One Piece
  2. Navigation Plus RNS-E

    Thanks for the replys. I have the 2008 map DVD now working, and for the first time the TMC function operates!
  3. Our A4 Cabrio has Sat nav and a map DVD (Version 2006_1 on the DVD Box). Is there a difference between Navigation DVD's for A4's and A4 Cabrio's? If so what is the most upto date DVD available for an A4 Cabrio?