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  1. Autohaus Volkswagen

    Sorry to hear your tales of woe. Autohaus are the local dealer for me in my local town of Northampton. I used them when i had my MK3 and the new engine under warranty, etc, etc - and DID have a major bust up with them. Needless to say, Adrian Pulford the MD got to know me personally after that. I had cause to try and use the Wayside dealer at Towcester viz-a-viz first service on my 'new' mk4, but expletive limtations on this forum prevent me from saying to much. Autohaus accommodated my service booking on the spot over the phone for the next morning (less than 12 hours notice!). I use them for all my parts purchases (and i buy a load of stuff) - they have a great set of guys. The service folk there are clued-up in general, and return calls when they say they will, and the tech's are pretty good and will listen to you. On the whole, and on balance - i'd say they were better than average in my experience.
  2. This is a common mistake made when retrofitting non-OEM HU's in to the VW. The connector is either correct for the radio or you've used an Autoleads (or similar) adapter. You have inadvertantly shunted 12V down the loom onto a wire that aint supposed to have it! If you have the Autoleads adapter - you must carefully clip-off the wires that aren't essential. If you didn't use an adapter, get one and do the same. It's not plug and play as they make out! If you have alot of golf or bora stuff to ask, slide over to and join in the fun........we even have banter about the cars sometimes!
  3. Gee thanks...... The hella HID conversion was a superb value for money conversion (<£200) and served me well for 12 months or so. After commencing selling of OEM Golf or Bora Xenon units, i decided i ought to show the way and get some myself. £620 a pair by the way - 900 quid less than the dealer! (New complete and delivered...300 sets available NOW) Back to the retrofit conversion - the Hella gear is found as standard on the Audi A3, A4 and passat B5 i believe, so it's all Good! Vagparts do a conversion kit for about £350 IIRC. - ballast and bulb only - like the Hella. That MUST make the sets i can supply bloody superb VFM! Thanks to Roy and Tabs for standing behind me there.....or was that 'in front'...whatever - cheers. back atcha!
  4. Not only will they look awesome, they will be 10x better than the poor excuse for a headlamp that VW originally fit to the Golf.
  5. I am now supplying BRAND NEW OEM HID / Xenon headlamp sets for MK4 Golf or Bora. These are complete with all bulbs tubes and ballasts. They are the 2003+ versions of the system, which have the ballasts and level controller modules attached to the back of the lights. Also included are the 10 to 12 pin wiring loom adapters. The auto-levelling control module can be wired up, although you would need to add the wheel sensors. A minor wiring mod to the loom adapters will allow you to use the conventional manual headlamp level adjuster. The sets are selling well, and at present the price is less than 50% of the dealer price for the parts. £630.00 plus £25 shipping. ROI Shipping - add £8 The units are posted from within EU so no likely customs issues (none to date anyways!) I can accept paypal but you will have to pay £20 fees. Delivery to you is usually 7 days from clearance of payment. Drop me a line if you want to pick up a bargain!
  6. Sat Nav 2

    Hi Guys As you may have read elsewhere, I have looked into this. To get the additional info to your instrument cluster, you must already have the full-height MFA Computer display. You really only get this if you factory specced the sat-nav. If you have the display and want to fit nav, you need the bus lead that sends the data over the can-bus (I believe) You DONT need the full MFA display, and can get a near-new DX (full colour LCD with post-code ability) Sat-Nav unit from for around £600. Add £100-150 for the misc other bits (wires and roof antenna, etc) Bob's your uncle!
  7. Bel 550 Euro Radar Detector

    I bought one of these last month - an AWESOME piece of detector technology. Without one, I must say, I would feel 'naked'. As has been said, since around 1998, it has been entirely legal to buy and use a 'detectotr' device. The BEL 550 is almost the best you can buy, barring perhaps the valentine one (but that costs about 75% more !!) A new BEL 550 is gonna set you back £350+ Mine was new in a sealed box off a friend, for £250. It picks up laser from front or back. I figured that Geodesy and Road angel are fine but if it's a fixed camera, there should be signs anyhow. Mobile video vans only use Laser targetting (no radar) and if you are lucky to get a warning from a stray laser beam, it will warn you. My Bel is for all the other radar devices in use (Gatso and hand-held forces guns) There are plenty of 'em about !! Best of luck selling. FOXY
  8. New passat model date???

    Is there anyone out there with an idea of when the successor to the current Passat will be released?? I am in two minds about buying a current model if it's soon to be replaced.
  9. Fitting cruise control to 4Motion TDI

    [ QUOTE ] Hi, Then I followed the instructions on this site and I am now about 1/2 way there. [/ QUOTE ] Hi mate Glad my write-up was helpful - it's for the Golf4, but is a closer parallel for the A3, than the Passat.
  10. My Pony.......

    perhaps that's me, then.....I have been in the MK area a few times on weekends in the last month or so. I live just 25 miles north.....Nr J17/18 M1. We held a Northants area meet for the forum, in MK two weeks ago on the Sunday - next to the snow dome. We had more than a few cars stop to eyeball the hardware. I think we had 3x R32s and 2x Anni's from memory, amongst the 14 cars on the day.
  11. The golf has a rolling code when locking/unlocking, to avoid hijacking by scanners, etc. Frequent pressing of the remote when out of range can cause a discrepancy between the immobilizer and the key. You can do a reset yourself - procedure is in the owner manual. However, I think you problem lies in the key - a dry join or cracked PCB. If you have a spare key - try this and see if the problem disappears. New keys are expensive at the dealer - look for a second hand or New one on eBay.......reckon on £25+
  12. Here are some pics of my slightly modded golf. 02my 5-door in Jazz Blue. PD130 TDi To save the 56k'ers a whole sh*tload of waiting, i've thumbnailed the your choice(s) to enlarge. If anyone wants the full-size (1.4Mb jpg of any image here, let me know direct) ENJOY!!
  13. Got me new toy!!!!!!!!!

    [ QUOTE ] ........ but heres the weird thing, the central locking on the remote stopped working!! Put the original stereo back in at it's all working ok now. Anyone else tried this? [/ QUOTE ] Yes, this is fairly common with aftermarket head-units. Don't believe a word it says on the 'loom adapter' packaging. You need to cut the wires out that are not needed. The problem is that you are pushing a permanent +12v feed back up the switched +12v line. As you know, you can't lock the doors and set the alarm with the ignition key inserted. The car thinks this is the case, due to the wiring anomoly. Simple fix and no damage. Also - wathc you don't squirt 12V up the k-line (diagnostics), or you dealer will be billing you for a busted 1551 tool!!
  14. Satnav for a Golf.....

    In fact, here is a typical search for the current "VW Navi" results on
  15. Satnav for a Golf.....

    You can retrofit it, and it's no big deal really.......we have been looking into it on the forum for a while now. From my ETKA CD, these are the diagrams and part numbers: (images are reduced in size for ease of posting, but if anyone wants larger versions, just holler! - goes for ANY stuff on the ETKA - just let me know what you want) For the best deal on an OEM sat-nav unit and any of the parts, log onto is THE place to find stuff for German cars. If you want post-code level address seeking, you will need the 'DX' flavour of head unit, and the appropriate 'DX' country CD map. As the HU code suffix (i.e. 'A', 'B', 'C' etc) ascends, so does the relative cost, with the 'D' and 'DX' units being most sought after. Reckon on at least £500 for the 'D' model. The instrument system (clocks) full MAF readout is not essential (displays radio station and other stuff from the HU). There is some wiring to do (like tacho/speed pickup loom) but it's all been retro'd by others before, so no big deal. The roof aerial (Triplex) is a must, as it houses the GPS antenna, as well as doubling as the radio bee-sting too. The centre console is already prepared for a double-DIN head unit, so no need to hack it at all. The original single-DIN HU slides out, as does the cubby-hole, and you're ready to play! Hope this is of some use (hopefully to give you an incentive, rather than a put-off). I was going to do this, but spare cash is not available yet. Bought some santa-monicas instead!!