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  1. iTunes font issue help needed!

    Was waiting for that...
  2. iTunes font issue help needed!

    Hi All, Had an issue just started at the weekend out of the blue with iTunes. The font appears to be displayed in some sort of Korean / Hebrew or something! I have tried to change the language to other languages but still displays the same. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing iTunes version 11, 10 and 9 and all do the same thing! Can't seem to find anything on Google showing the same issue, just people selecting French or similar and asking how to get it back as they can't read French to know where to click etc. It doesn't appear to be that simple, it's more like the font is messed up somehow? I have tried restoring fonts to original settings but still no luck. Photo below showing what I mean. Any ideas would be much appreciated as been trying all weekend to sort it and ready to smash the laptop up now! The only thing I did do before finding the problem was on turning the laptop (Toshiba) on at the weekend it said there was a newer BIOS version available for update which I did and installed no problem. Don't know if that could be related or not? Thanks. B.S.
  3. xıɹԀ puɐɹפ ƖℲ uɐılɐɹʇsn∀

    Loving the title! Can't wait for the season to start and ruin my wife's Sundays once again! I'd put my money on Alonso this year for the title but hopefully it will be another close season like last year.
  4. Focus boot water leak help!!!!

    Spot on with both accounts above. Forgot to update this thread. Did manage to find someone to remove the window for er... cash and re-fix it which made no difference to the leak! Turned out 'as above' to be the join at the end of the roof gutter between the two panels. Small bit of body filler, touch up paint over and jobs been a good'en ever since!
  5. Sky Sports F1 2013 coverage details

  6. Found mine the other day too. Wonder what we could get with them if we all club together!?! Have a good night!
  7. Can't make that date so will have to give this year a miss unfortunately. Have a good one!
  8. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012

    Brilliant from SP.
  9. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012

    Cracking race, made even better that I put a bet on Kimi at 33-1 before the race weekend started, to win. Shame in a way that Vettel did so well as would be nice if the championship goes down to an old school Brazil finale!
  10. Apple iPad Mini - 4th Gen iPad

    Not good really is it. If they had put the price up a bit for the new one it might ease the pain but to basically out the old one and replace it at the same price point that quickly isn't great for their loyal customers. Just glad I caught the news just in time! Although a bit gutted i've got no gadget to mess around with today now.
  11. Apple iPad Mini - 4th Gen iPad

    Got a new iPad from the wife today for my birthday. After seeing this announcement of the 4th gen it'll be going straight back to John Lewis today and the new new iPad pre ordered on Friday! Lucky for me Apple announced the news yesterday and not tomorrow after I had opened the box and set it all up!
  12. Hamilton to leave McLaren? Lewis leaks confirmation of the deal...
  13. A lot!!! Been given 10 place grid penalty for Monza! And as for Grosjean... Been given a one race ban!
  14. Maldonado been a naughty boy and drops three places... Really looking forward to the race too. Spa normally gives us an interesting race and the grid mixed up a bit should help make things exciting.