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  1. Goodwood MM 76

    missed this and yes I was there freezing my nuts off
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Tractors were quite busy, but lots of people helping stranded cars
  3. Football results today

    this was the better quote I was hoping we got Lyon or anyone but Anderlecht or Genk. The sooner we're out of this bollocks competition, the better.
  4. Crash & Burn - Tommy Byrne

    Two good programs which showed 2 fantastic drivers but who went different ways in their careers, Surtees quite and unassuming and Byrne party animal
  5. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I have been around 13.4 stone for the last few years but have gone up to just under 14 stone since early December. i don't drink much alcohol, At most 2 bottles of koppardberg cider a week, trying to keep off the crisps and chocolate and have a sandwich at lunchtime followed by an average meal in the evening. my main problem is that I have a real problem with my back which is in constant pain and is giving me pain in my sides and stomach which makes me less active so the weight is creeping on. have been for an MRI this week and looking at the cd I think I can see some very dodgy discs but I will wait for the doctors assesment( had a spinal fusion 12 years ago, How many calories should I be realistically be looking at per day, oh I am an old git now (57)
  6. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    if we get bad snow here I will just chuck the winter wheels on the Rav 4 and leave my car parked up, although I bought the tyres and wheels off a friend 2 years ago and they have not moved from the Asguard shed in the garden since.
  7. MK on Tour! 5th October

    Kent and Essex meet up now and again sometimes with a faraway guest visitor
  8. Non Slip Tiles Clarification

    All the wet rooms that we do and the bathroom firms we supply use Altro Aquarius as a rule although if they have a shower tray in there you can get away with other types.
  9. Recommend me a dashcam

    Bought the Amacam and it arrived today so I tried it out on the way home and am very impressed for the price, will install in the Audi at the weekend
  10. 25th would work well for me as I may be that side of the river that afternoon
  11. This on trade plates

    I am pretty sure that is the same car I saw last Sunday coming out near us and headed towards the M2 at Gillingham. There are always camouflaged cars coming out of the Delphi factory just down the road
  12. Goodwood 74 members 19-20 March

    broken collar bone which is amazing considering what happened
  13. Goodwood 74 members 19-20 March

    This happened first thing this morning, I was standing 10 foot away from where the wheel stopped luckily missing everyone the car fell into the pedestrian tunnel but by pure luck no one was near that point
  14. Goodwood 74 members 19-20 March

    If anyone who I know wants to come along on Saturday I have a spare place going as my friend who has bought the weekend ticket cannot come down until Sunday, e-mail me on [email protected] Steve