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  1. Hi People I have a 2002 Golf 130 Diesel (102K on the clock). My problem is that when i try and put the engine under any kind of revs above 2k RPM the engine kind of misfires or loses compression and then is bellowing black smoke from the exhaust. This only happens above 2k RPM and as i only do the mafjority of my driving around town therefore being virtually on tickover most of the time the problem could have been there for a while ... i just want someones 2opinion before swapping over my MAF currently quoted by GSF at £65.00 only to find that it isnt this at all! thanks in advance Me
  2. Intermittent clutch/gear selection TDi 130BHP

    Thanks for your help Dave , much appreciated Terry
  3. Intermittent clutch/gear selection TDi 130BHP

    would i be right in thinking Dave cost for the part would be approx £50+VAT and a couple of hours labour?
  4. Intermittent clutch/gear selection TDi 130BHP

    yes thats what i figured Dave it couldnt be mechanical cos it couldnt be broken then be fixed again , u have helped me here although the garage that has done the work for me i do trust them but its allways good to get additional feedback and i am glad your advice on the master cylinder ties in with what the guy at the garage has said thanks for your help Terry
  5. Last september i had to have my Dual Mass Flywheel changed and was told by the garage that they had also replaced the clutch (bill for almost £1000) anyway this last two weeks the golf has developd somewhat of an intermittent fault whereby it wont let me select reverse or first gear , second gear with a bit of effort,the rest of the gears are fine, first or reverse gears though are a no no! although will happily go in gear with the engine off! also when it is playing up if i dip the clutch and offer the stick up to the gear without even engaging the gear the car starts to creep with the clutch still on the floor! This fault is not constant if i drive using 2nd to pull away for example i can park somewhere return to the car and upon starting it up it will now go into gear with no probs at all but then maybe park again restart the engine and hey ho wont go into gear frustrating! My gut feeling was low level hydraulic etc being as the fault was intermittent or maybe an air lock in the system that is obviously moving around? i have returned the car to the garage that did the work for me and to everyones surprise of course the car was perfoming the fault all the time iwas there so his response was "well if it aint broke i cant fix it" grrrrrrr!! he did suggest that maybe the master cylinder needed replacing which of course means bleeding the hydraulics ...... yeh thats what i was thinking he doesnt wanna do the work without getting paid cos he screwed up when refilling after dong my clutch 4 months ago! or am i being paranoid anyway any help or experience of this fault much appreciated thanks in advance